Tennis and Spanish. Have a good summer in Spain playing tennis

A camp where kids only have language courses is not very attractive for them, but if they like to play tennis, the option of a tennis and Spanish camp is a good alternative this summer. A vacation in Spain can be a very enriching experience for kids since they can play their favorite sport and meet new friends.

There are several camps in Spain with tennis and Spanish and many of them are organized by prestigious academies so quality is always ensured. We could continue explaining the advantages of tennis camps in Spanish but we rather offer a summary of these programs.

Groups divided by levels in classes


To wonder if your kids are really going to learn Spanish at a camp can be a concern for parents, probably because they might learn things they already know or the classes might be difficult and they won´t understand anything. But this is nothing to worry about since our camps offer courses for each student´s level. A level test is given to all the kids at the beginning of the course so instructors can place the kids in the corresponding group and improve their levels at the end of the camp.

This happens at the language classes and the training where camps offer courses for all levels, from beginners who have practiced with their rackets for only a few months to those who have played in several tournaments.

Great quality tennis courts

Spain is a country with a lot of tennis tradition, where young tennis players are taken care of as well as the courts that many tennis players use to train and prepare for future tournaments. Spain offers clay courts that are the best in the world next to France. The majority of our camps offer clay courts and some also offer grass courts and hard courts.

On the other hand, housing varies depending on the camp and some of them have their own housing, others a hotel and even some offer student housing at a school. What all of them have in common is the 24-hour supervision, which reassures parents.

And that is not all, since training at the tennis and Spanish camps are full rounded and offer training exercises focusing on weak spots and enhance strong points without leaving aside physical and mental training that are both important in tennis. Coaches organize tournaments at the camps or sign students up for club tournaments in the city.

Spanish is entertaining

myerscough_venue_298The majority of language classes offered at Ertheo are very interactive favoring the progress of boys and girls. The hours dedicated to Spanish classes at each camp vary but usually take up 10 hours a week since the majority of those offering Spanish classes also spend a lot of time during tennis training.

Other common characteristics of the Spanish classes at our camps are that they focus on topics related to sports and some teachers organize lessons so students go over all the aspects of the language although more emphasis is made on conversation.

Since the camps take place in Spain, students experience a full language immersion, both during the activities at the campus as well as out of them due to the fact that students must communicate with each other in a multicultural group.

Field trips are also a great way to visit Spain, a country with a lot of charm. All the camps organize field trips on the weekends and themed parties and free time are offered to practice other sports and meet new friends during the week.

Our first tennis and Spanish camp is held at the Bruguera Tennis Academy in Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona), for boys and girls ages 11 to 23. This campus is a bit different from the rest since it’s a high intensity program during the week where students spend 32 hours training and practicing with coaches. The Spanish class option only offers 5 hours of language classes a week, which can be insufficient if you want your kids to learn more Spanish.

The Bruguera academy has several clay and fast courts, a pool, cafeteria-restaurant, gymnasium, school, a nurse´s station and their own housing where kids stay making this a favorable option since transportation is not required. They also offer the option to string rackets at their facilities.

In addition to these advantages, this camp has its own physical therapist at the campus, should kids suffer an injury and all students are accompanied to the nearest hospital.

During their free time, boys and girls can practice other sports such as soccer, go to the pool or play with their colleagues. On the weekends field trips are organized to visit Barcelona. Optional field trips are also available so kids can sign up during their stay at camp for an additional cost of approximately 80 Euros and this takes place when there are a certain number of students signed up.

The movies, the Aquarium of Barcelona or the Theme Park Port Aventura are some of the places where boys and girls usually visit since they are very entertaining.

The last summer camp with tennis and Spanish is located at the Cataluña Tennis Resort (CTR) in Barcelona for boys and girls ages 10 to 20, a wider age group than the rest. The camp also accepts boys and girls ages 8 and 9 as entrenamiento-de-tenis-academia-Ferrerlong as an older family member accompanies them.

The CTR academy offers more flexibility in their programs with or without language classes. The internal program offers 20 hours of tennis classes per week and 5 hours of language classes and the external program, where students live somewhere other than the housing, train and attend class with the rest of the students. Participants can choose from two types of tennis options, improvement or competition. During the afternoons all the students participate in tournaments organized by the coaches and each one can choose the type of personalized training they wish.

Language classes have an additional cost of 50 Euros and last 5 hours a week where students practice the language in classes of no more than 6 students, a number that allows a more personalized learning. Two options are offered for housing, the academy residence or a 4 star hotel next to the tennis facilities that have 14 tennis courts (8 clay courts, 4 synthetic resin courts and 2 grass courts) 4 paddle courts, one soccer field and three outdoor pools.

As you can see, we have several options so your kids can learn Spanish while they improve their game offering a great plan for summer. If we have convinced you with one of our camps or you need more information, please feel free to contact us to find out any type of additional details.