A successful soccer achievement after attending one of our camps

A successful soccer achievement after attending one of our camps

Last summer, Ilyas el Moussaoui, with only 12 years of age, attended one of our camps, specifically the Real Madrid C.F. technical program that is specifically designed for boys and girls with a certain type of soccer level.

This young player enjoyed training many hours while he was at the camp and the time spent playing soccer has paid off shortly after returning to his country of origin.

Ilyas is a forward, has great talent and after his grand adventure in Madrid, is now part of the NAC Breda squad, a team with the best track record in Dutch soccer.

escudo nac breda

We are very happy with this news at Ertheo knowing that we have helped one of these youngsters accomplish his dream, we wish him the best of luck and hope he continues to work hard as he has done until now. Congratulations Ilyas!

The next video shows Ilyas’ great soccer achievement, as he was able to score 6 goals in one game:

This successful soccer achievement inspires us to keep working and improving to help all boys and girls who place their trust in us so we can find the best academies and sports camps to train and have fun in, as they practice their favorite sport.

If you want to follow in the steps of Ilyas and are interested in training at one of our soccer camps, in order to move up a level, you can find these options with Ertheo in several countries and with terrific clubs. Enjoy soccer this summer and follow your dreams like Ilyas did. With hard work, you can achieve anything!

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