High intensive golf camps and differences with others

High intensive golf camps and differences with others

At Ertheo we know that choosing the right camp for your kids is very important and knowing which golf training program best adapts to their needs and objectives is essential since camps offer high or low intensity training programs and high intensive golf camps for kids with more experience. This decision is very important since golf training is daily and the satisfaction of your children comes into play.

How to choose the ideal golf program for my kids?

Programs are not worse or better, the key is in choosing the one that best fits the needs of those who attend the camp.

If your kids are great golf players and take the sport seriously and dream of becoming professional players, then the best program for them are the high intensive golf. If your kids play golf as a hobby or use it to entertain themselves and search to live other experiences and perform all sorts of other activities, then a standard camp is ideal for them.

To make sure of this, the best thing is to speak with your kids in order to make the best decision, Bellow you can see what each golf training program consists of to help parents make the right decision.

Standard golf training program

The standard golf training program is for players of all levels. Groups have from 6 to 8 people and are divided by golf levels. The hours of golf training vary depending on the camp but are usually 3 hours a day. Great professionals train the kids as they learn different playing techniques (long game, short game, bunker, putt, etc.). Kids who choose this golf training program dedicate a great part of their day to other types of activities such as English classes in addition to games and entertainment summer camp activities. An example of a standard golf training camp is the Emerald in Dublin.

High intensive golf programs

The high intensity program is for golf players who have a certain level of play (many times a handicap is required to access this camp) are serious about the game and want to spend most of their day practicing this high intensity sport to improve their technique. Or, they want to take advantage of their summer improving as a golf player and learn from the best professionals.

This type of golf training is between 6 and 8 hours a day. In addition to all the techniques practiced during this standard program, a swing analysis is performed and they can play in 9 or 18-hole courses best suited for their handicap. Some camps offer the possibility to participate in tournaments.

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Now you know the types of training that take place in summer golf camps. You probably know which camp to choose for your kids so we now leave you with our golf campus offers where these types of training programs are available. Below we explain what each high intensity camp has to offer and is available on our website.

The Jason Floyd academy is located in Estepona, Malaga, one of the best locations to practice golf in Europe. This academy offers high intensity programs by providing one year of training and educational courses or shorter time periods during the summer.

This summer camp is available for boys and girls ages 12 and 23, who enjoy 20 hours of training each week at this campus. To choose a more personalized program, the Jason Floyd academy divides students depending on their handicap and age. Boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 17 with a 30 or less handicap attend the Junior Camp and students between the ages of 12 and 23 with a 5 or less handicap attend the Elite Camp.

jason floyd - High intensive golf camps and differences with others

The camp takes place in Valle Romano, one of the best Resorts in the Costa del Sol, and has an 18-hole golf course designed by Cabel B. Robinson. In addition this camp offers students a Swing analysis room, practice course (with covered tee), several greens and a short game area. During the training sessions students practice several exercises to put to practice all their swings: the efficiency of the swing, club fitting, short game, physical training and prepare them for tournaments.

As far as the complementary activities not included in the price, participants can choose between English or Spanish classes, scuba diving lessons or paddle. The location where kids stay is the Valle Romano complex that has two double room apartments equipped with air conditioning, private bathroom, phone and TV with national and international channels.

GGGA Florida

The last high intensive golf camps is the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy in Florida, United States. This camp is for kids between the ages of 10 and 18 and includes 30 hours a week of training where they can put into practice three phases of the program: technical, mental and physical to increase the level of play of all the students.

The Mission Inn Resort Club is where all the training takes place and where boys and girls stay at the GGGA camp. This complex has a 36-hole golf course and high quality apartments with single and double rooms. In addition to the price, participants can choose between nearby landmark field trips in Florida, such as the Disney Park, and every night camp personnel organize activities to promote a great environment among the group so students are never bored.

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