United States is a country that loves sports; here the opportunities for young athletes who want to become professionals are much higher than in other parts of the world thanks to the fact that the universities offer the possibility to practice a sport intensively and, in addition, be able to obtain a university degree.

Tennis is one of the leading sports in this country; players of the caliber of John Isner represent quite an example for young people who choose this place to start their career in the world of tennis. He was shaped as a tennis player at the University of Georgia and jumped into the professional world in 2007, getting to place himself number 9 in the ATP rankings in 2012. Another great figure is the American Serena Williams, after her long career and her successes, still active and holding the top spots of the WTA, who is already considered one of the best tennis players in history for power and strength on the court.

If your child is passionate about the world of tennis, there is no better gift than choosing a tennis camp in the United States this summer to invite him or her to spend the best vacation of his/her life, playing tennis with professionals, learning languages and living a unique experience.

To help you choose the perfect tennis camp in USA, we’ve designed some infographics you can use to easily compare information such as price, lodging, hours of training per week, etc. You can also download the brochures of various camps or request a personalized quote by clicking below.

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Summer campus

IMG Florida Tennis Camp 2024

  • Location: IMG World. Bradenton
  • Ages and genders: Boys and girls between 8 and 18 years old
  • Language classes: 15 hours per week

Whatever your motivations, the IMG Florida Tennis Camp offer boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18 the perfect opportunity to practice and improve their skills with the help of professional tennis players and experts.

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What are the tennis camps in the United States all about?

The tennis summer camps are a mixture of sports and fun where professional training is combined with the leisure activities of a camp. It is the opportunity to meet people of all nationalities, to depart from the routine to spend a weeks filled with new and enriching sensations.

Why choose a tennis summer camp in the United States?

There are many reasons to enjoy the summer in a tennis camp in the United States:

  • For fun: if your child loves this sport and very much enjoys practicing it, at these camps they will have superb facilities and a team of professionals at their disposal that will teach them everything they may need to improve their technique and better themselves while having fun playing their favorite sport.
  • First international experience: there are many young people who dream about getting a college scholarship in the United States in order to train hard and improve to make the leap to the professional world upon completion of their studies. The tennis camps in the United States offer intensive and professional training, perfect for the kids who want to maximize the summer to improve their skills as a tennis player, to compete in tournaments and experience first-hand how the world of tennis is in this country.

What tennis camps are offered in the United States?

In the United States we offer one tennis camp:

  • This camp is organized by the IMG academy where, in addition to professional tennis training, various English programs can be enjoyed, which will allow your child to not only practice tennis, but that will also give him or her opportunity to improve his/her language skills.

When do this camp take place?

During the summer season, coinciding with the kids’ school holidays. They usually begin at the end of June or the beginning of July and finish at the end of August. You can choose between programs of different duration as 2, 3, 5 or 7 weeks. If you need advice to choose the most suitable program for your child, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you in everything you need to choose a camp that is tailored to the objectives and needs of your child.

What level is required to access the tennis camp in the United States?

The camp is available for all levels, but of course, at this camp the tennis training is intensive, so it is recommended for kids who love this sport who wish to make the most of their stay at the camp devoting several hours a day to training hard to refine their technique and improve their skills.

Are English classes taught at the tennis camp?

This camp offer a total language immersion because all of the trainings and activities are conducted in English; there is a great mix of nationalities at this camp, therefore they also use this language to be able communicate with their peers.  IMG offers several English programs to choose from depending on the duration of the stay in the camp.

What else can be learned in this camp?

At this tennis camps, not only is technique perfected, your child will perform a specialized physical training and a mental training that will turn him or her into a much more complete player. In addition, outside of the trainings they will be able to take part in a variety of complementary activities with which they will have a great time and where they can meet many other children who will also be enjoying the camp. The discipline of the sport is combined with the fun of the typical activities of summer camps so that the experience can be well-rounded.