The fondness of the British for tennis comes from very far away. Great Britain (along with the USA) was the first team to compete for the Davis back in 1900, when it was still named the International Lawn Tennis Challenge. Today Andy Murray is their best tennis player, with only 26 years of age he has been appointed Official Knight of the British Empire by the Prince William thanks to the merits he has achieved for the sport.

To help you choose the perfect tennis camp in Great Britain, we’ve designed some infographics you can use to easily compare information such as price, lodging, hours of training per week, etc. You can also download the brochures of various camps or request a personalized quote by clicking below.

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Summer campus

Nike Tennis Camps 2024

  • Location: Bradfield College (Reading) and Radley College (Oxford)
  • Ages: From 10 to 17 years of age
  • Levels: Beginner, intermediate, or advanced

Tennis camp in England designed for children of all levels of expertise. The camp offers two alternative one or two-week programmes: a standard tennis programme that includes English lessons and an intensive tennis training programme without language lessons. There are two different venues available.

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Tennis + Languages - UK 2024

  • Location: Clayesmore School, Oundle School, Seaford College and Worth School
  • Ages and genders: boys & girls from 9-17 yrs. old
  • Language classes: English. 6 Available levels

The training sessions are designed for boys & girls from 9-17 yrs. old and take place at four different localities in England: Clayesmore School, Oundle School, Seaford College and Worth School.

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In the United Kingdom there are tennis summer camps for young lovers of this sport willing to live a different experience.

Fantastic English language schools and tennis academies are joined in luxurious facilities so that your child can enjoy a different kind of holiday.

An unforgettable summer making friends from all over the world, having fun as never before, practicing sport and doing many other activities that will make your child have a great time and always remember his or her stay at the camp fondly.  

What are the tennis camps all about?

The tennis academies organize camps in the summer for young lovers of tennis with a desire for new experiences.

These camps offer professional training, from the hands of highly skilled coaches with extensive experience who are responsible for teaching or improving all the techniques, both physical and mental, of this sport.

Combined with the training, English classes are also offered in the summer for young people to continue improving in this language that is so important to their future. Life at the camp is in English (training, communication between colleagues or monitors, etc.) so an immersion occurs that benefits and facilitates progress in the classes. In a few weeks the kids usually learn a lot and, thanks to the teachers of the academies, they also have fun during the classes.

Do not forget that the summer camps are organized for the kids to have fun during the summer holidays. For this reason in addition to the daily training and English classes that they receive, many other activities are organized, even outings outside the camp to visit places of interest; everything for the kids to be able to disconnect from their routine and live a few very enriching weeks. Usually, young people of many nationalities coincide, so the kids also have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and customs.

What tennis camps do we offer in the UK?

We offer tennis camps in different UK destinations, like Devon, London, Brighton, Cambridge or St. Andrews.

In total there are 3 camps but two of them offer several venues to choose from to carry out the tennis camp. These 3 camps are ISSOS, CMT and Exportise Learning. They are all located in privileged enclaves and have first-rate tennis facilities.

When do these camps take place?  

The camps are organized during the summer, in other words, from June to September. Each camp sets its specific dates but always coinciding with the school holidays, so that the kids can rest from the routine and enjoy during the summer a few weeks of entertainment, sport and learning.

What level is required to access these camps?

The camps are tailored to all tennis levels, from beginners to children with an advanced level. Boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 years will be able to access these camps. During their stay, they will improve their technique and their skills thanks to the tips and workouts of the fantastic coaches of these camps. They will be in charge of getting the greatest potential from your child, of encouraging them so that they can improve day to day and of inculcating the culture and spirit of sports without forgetting fun as the primary objective so that the children can remember this experience for life.

How many hours of training do the kids have at the camp?

Depends on the camp. Each program is different; there are camps that place greater emphasis on training and others that will spend less time on it.

There are kids who choose these camps with the main objective of having fun and living the experience, however, what other kids want is to continue to improve their tennis during the summer, without being concerned about the other complementary activities performed at the camp.

Depending on the objectives of your child, you can choose the camp that best suits your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will help you choose the best camp for you.

Are English classes taught at the tennis camps?

Of course, English is present in the programs of all the camps that we offer in the UK. English Academies teach on a daily basis at the camp, but also the kids will improve their level since they will be practicing English the entire time:  with the monitors, with the trainers, as well as with the other children of other nationalities who coincide with your son/daughter at the camp.

What more can be learned at these camps?

In these camps many values are learned. The kids are away from home for a few weeks, so they have to fend for themselves and open themselves to both to the camp staff and their new peers. They gain independence and they learn to live in a different environment than the one they are accustomed to, with people from different cultures and customs.