Golf was born in Scotland, back in the fifteenth century, at that time it was only practiced by the aristocracy but little by little, this sport was spread by the local population. Today around 20% of the federated Europeans are English. This not only means that there is a great passion for this sport in the UK, but also that the facilities are very good, which favors the increase of the practice of golf in this country.

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Summer campus

Golf camp in England 2024

  • Location: Reading, United Kingdom
  • Ages: From 10 to 17 years of age
  • Levels: Intermediate or advanced

Golf camp in England designed for children who play at an intermediate or advanced level. The camp offers two alternative one or two-week programmes: a standard golf programme that includes English lessons and an intensive golf training programme without language lessons.

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Golf + Languages - St. Andrews 2024

  • Training: 12 h/week
  • English Classes: 15 lessons / week
  • Required Age: 13 - 18 years
  • Lodging: Single or shared

If your dream is to play in a mythical setting like St. Andrews (Scotland) and you are between 13 and 18 years old, this summer camp offers you the possibility to enjoy your holidays by doing a training program adapted to all levels.

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Golf + Languages - UK 2024

  • Training: 15 h/week
  • English Classes: 15 lessons/week
  • Required Age: 10 - 16 years
  • Lodging: Shared by 3-10 participants

English and golf are brought together in the camp so that your child can have the best holiday of his or her life. Learning and fun in luxurious facilities that will make the kids want to repeat this experience every summer.

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The climate is not its strong point for playing golf all the months of the year but it is to ensure the quality of their courses. They have the largest number of golf courses in Europe and their quality is excellent. Summer is the ideal time for the practice of golf in the UK and it is at this time when the golf summer camps for young golf enthusiasts from around the world take place. If your child is a golf lover and wants to spend a few weeks in the UK improving his/her English while practicing this sport, do not hesitate to choose one of the golf camps that we offer in this country.

What do the golf camps consist of?

It is a different summer camp, as it offers a combination of languages and golf so that the young fans of this sport can have a lot of fun learning all the techniques from the hands of professional trainers while improving their level of English, both in the daily classes that are taught in the camps, as the rest of the day because all the classes, activities and excursions are conducted in this language.

This is a perfect opportunity to experience a summer full of different emotions, fun and learning.

What golf camps do we offer in the UK?

In the UK we offer two camps:

  • ISSOS golf camp, located in Scotland, in a village near Edinburgh. It is aimed at young people of all levels between 13 and 18 years of age.
  • Exsportise golf camp located in West Sussex, near Brighton. Aimed at young people of all levels and between the ages of 10 and 16 years.

When do these camps take place?

The golf camps in the UK, take place during the summer months because it is the best time for golf in the UK and also coincides with the school vacations for the young golfers.

What level is required to access these camps?

These camps are available for young people of all levels. From those who are starting up to others who already take it very seriously and they want to take advantage of the summer to keep training and improving their skills further.

What more can be learned at these camps?

Good atmosphere reigns at these camps, you make many friends of different nationalities, and you learn new customs and cultures. The kids take excursions to major attractions in the surrounding area and live together this exciting experience. The camp coaches are not only responsible for instilling all the good values of the sport as sacrifice, discipline, sportsmanship or the capacity to overcome but also advise the student as a professional and are in charge of getting the maximum potential as an athlete out of them.