Spain has always been a country of great tennis players, from the mythical Santana in the 60s continuing with Emilio Sanchez Vicario or Sergi Bruguera, Carlos Moya or Ferrero in this latest stage and currently with players at the top of the ATP like Ferrer or the great Rafa Nadal, who many already describe as the best tennis player of all time.

To help you choose the perfect tennis camp in Spain, we’ve designed some infographics you can use to easily compare information such as price, lodging, hours of training per week, etc. You can also download the brochures of various camps or request a personalized quote by clicking below.

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

Summer campus

Ferrero Tennis Academy

  • Location: Villena (Alicante)
  • Ages and genders: Boys and girls between 8 and 16 years old
  • Language classes: Option to include lessons in English, French or Russian

High performance summer tennis camp at the Ferrero Tennis Academy – one of the best tennis academies in Spain. Available with or without English classes.

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Rafa Nadal High Performance Tennis Academy 2024

  • Location: Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands of Spain
  • Ages and genders: Boys and girls from 8 to 18 years old
  • Language classes: English

The high-performance tennis camp at Nadal’s tennis academy is suitable for boys and girls from 8 to 18 years old.  Mallorca’s unbeatable climate makes this academy one of the best options in the world for summer tennis training.

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Tennis camp with language classes in Marbella 2024

  • Location: Marbella, Spain
  • Ages: From 5 to 18 years of age
  • Levels: Beginner and intermediate

International tennis & language camp in Marbella (Spanish or English). Designed for children between 5 and 18 years of age who play tennis at a beginner or intermediate level. There are 2 and 4-week programmes available.

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Bruguera high performance tennis - Barcelona 2024

  • Location: Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona)
  • Ages and genders: Students between 11 and 23 years old
  • Language classes: Advanced, Intermediate

Situated in Santa Coloma de Cervelló in Barcelona, this High Performance Tennis Centre is open throughout the year. During the summer season, Bruguera Tennis Academy offers a Summer Stage program to students aged between 11 and 23 years of age.

This academy has closed permanently for COVID-19 reasons. If you are looking for an academy with similar characteristics in terms of quality, training and price we recommend the JC Ferrero Academy tennis camp.

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Besides the passion for tennis that we have in Spain, the exceptional climatic conditions we enjoy throughout the year, make our country an ideal place to practice this sport.

If you want your child to spend a fantastic summer playing tennis with professional trainers, learning languages and making friends of all nationalities choose a tennis summer camp and invite him/her to live an unforgettable experience.

What are the tennis camps all about?

The best tennis clubs, provide their fantastic facilities and an excellent team of professional trainers for the kids who want to spend an unforgettable summer improving their technique, learning languages and, especially, having a great time while making friends from all over the world and participating in many other entertainment activities typical of summer camps.

A team of monitors cares for them and supervises them outside of the hours of training or English classes.

Fun, good atmosphere, sport and languages. A perfect combination to maximize the school holidays.

When do these camps take place?

Tennis camps take place during the summer months, coinciding with the school holidays for the kids. Some clubs also offer programs for a full academic year.

What tennis camps we offer in Spain?

In Spain we offer 3 tennis camps, one in the capital (Madrid) and two others located in the littoral zone of the Mediterranean, which ensures good weather throughout the whole year, in other words, a perfect environment for the practice of outdoor tennis courts.

- These are camps:

  • Juan Carlos Ferrero Camp: located in Alicante, bears the name of this great tennis player since it was in this academy where he was brought up and managed to get to the top of the tennis elite, being number one in the world of the ATP in 2003.
  • Sanchez Casal Camp: located in El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona).It is a high-performance camp that features high-level coaches like, for example, the one of the mythical Spanish tennis player who gave us so much joy throughout her career, Arantxa Sánchez Vicario.
  • Carlos Moyá Camp: This camp is located in Madrid, academy named after its director, Carlos Moyá, one of the great Spanish tennis players (number one of the ATP in 1999) and current captain of the Spanish team of the Davis Cup.

What level is required to access these camps?

There are camps for all tennis levels and for ages between 8 and 18 years. No matter if your child is beginning in this sport or if he or she already has an advanced level and wants to continue to improve his or her technique, the training programs are tailored to each level to get the maximum potential of each student. If you have questions about which camp is best suited to your needs do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the best camp for your child.

How many hours of training do young people in the camp perform?

Each camp has a different program. There are camps that in addition to tennis are also very focused in languages or in other entertainment activities and others that are focused on those students who want to devote a more intensive training and maximize the effective use of time to improve their skills instead of, for example, perform another type of recreational activities typical of the summer camps.

Are English classes provided at the tennis camps?

Of course, in addition to the daily training, English classes are taught at the camps so that the kids can get even more out of their stay at the camp. The classes help young people communicate with their peers from other nationalities and improve their language skills and parents are happy because their children continue to learn during their vacation time, not leaving aside the academic part and improving in something so important to their future as are the languages.

What more can be learned in these camps?

Spending a few weeks in a summer camp, away from their parents and out of their environment, is an experience that brings many positive things to young people. We do not just mean improving in tennis courts or languages, there are many other things that bring value to these camps.

They learn to be independent, to fend for themselves, and they learn about other cultures and languages. Coaches are responsible for instilling all the positive values of sport, for teaching the fighting spirit to continue to improve each day, and they learn to be competitive and strong but also to share and have sportsmanship and respect.

A healthy and fun environment to spend a few unforgettable weeks.