The Exsportise dance program is designed for dance enthusiasts of any level and experience. Participants enjoy from a program of varied disciplines and styles of dance such as contemporary or street jazz.

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Camp Rating

Sports facilities
Total Valoration:

Camp details

English Classes:
15 lessons / week

Positive Values
  • Quality of dance facilities

  • 3 accommodation options

  • All facilities on one site

Negative Values
  • Some of the rooms at the Seaford Residence are old

  • There are very few boys taking part

Guided by professional tutors, the students develop their level of fitness, their flexibility, technique and effort as well as their acting abilities. The professors are professionals from the most important acting classes in the United Kingdom.

The Exsportise camps make learning English a priority and a majority of the students come from different nationalities. Last year 65 countries participated in the camp.

A typical day at
A typical day at
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Training. Dance Camp in UK

Training at

Each class starts with a warm up session that includes fitness and flexibility training followed by choreography and relaxation. Students perform a series of exercises to improve their dancing techniques and execute their dance with alignment and the correct body position.

Artistics Training

In addition, those signed up dive into the classical dance principles.  At the end of each week, a joint performance is made before the rest of the camp.  The groups are reduced with an average of one professor for 10 students.

Training at . Left picture
Training at . Right picture

Language classes. Dance Camp in UK

Language classes at

English learning is a priority at the Exsportise camp. The program ‘Language Plus’ includes three hours of English a day as well as the chosen dance specialty. The number of students per class is 14.

Students can put to practice what they learned in class while they enjoy the rest of the activities, given the international nature of the camp.

Language classes at Artistics camp


Days before the start of the camp, students receive a multiple-choice level test , a written exercise and a comprehension test. During the first week students also receive a small oral English test. Students who do not complete the online test, must take it on the first day of camp.

Language classes at . Left picture
Language classes at . Right picture


The average size of the students per class is 10 and a maximum size of 14 students is guaranteed, although most groups have between 10 and 12 students. All the groups are made up from a mix of nationalities whenever possible.

Students need to have taken one year of English in order to join this class. 

Programme and activities. Dance Camp in UK

Enjoying activities

Kids always have some sort of entertainment at the Exsportise camp. Activities are always going on from first thing in the morning to the night. This is what a typical day is like:


In order to complete a day filled of activities, a varied and fun entertainment program is offered in the afternoons. The entertainment Exsportise team plans different activities such as talent shows, movie sessions, team games, treasure hunts, prison ball, dance club nights or races. This gives camp participants a terrific opportunity to mix and get to know each other better outside the English cases and their specialized sport selection. Students are always under the supervision of camp personnel.

Entertainment facilities

All the locations have comfortable common areas with TV and a great variety of indoor facilities. Swimming pools are available in all the locations supervised by qualified lifeguards. Students can relax or make new friends and play games such as ping-pong, soccer, tennis and volleyball in the outdoor areas. In addition, sports equipment is available for students so they can enjoy practicing sports in an informal manner apart from the horse riding training sessions.

Enjoying activities. Left picture
Enjoying activities. Right picture

Field Trips

Students who stay more than one week have two full day field trips available on the weekends.

One of these field trips consists of a visit to an interesting city, such as Bath, Brighton, Oxford, or Cambridge. Students have the opportunity to experience the British cultural history as well as beautiful nature and historical places. They also have a chance to go shopping, relax and enjoy themselves.

The most popular field trips are, without a doubt, the theme parks such as Thorpe Park or Chessington World of Adventures. Participants enjoy a full day of enjoyment in one of the most fantastic theme parks of Great Britain. This is a terrific way to relax and enjoy new friends! All the field trips are completely supervised by Exsportise personnel. A bagged lunch is provided on the day of the field trip.

There are also field trips to London available for an additional cost, subject to availability. 

Clients who contact Ertheo before booking a camp or program are much more satisfied with their overall experience.

Do you have any questions? Ask Ertheo.

Accommodation and monitors. Dance Camp in UK

Look inside accommodation


This is available from July x to August x for kids ages 10 to 16. Seaford College has five room modules where participants stay. The kids sleep in shared rooms divided by sex and similar age groups. The school facilities have large dimensions.


Dance Camp in UK 2022 camp Accommodation

Among the facilities, it has a music studio, tennis courts and soccer and hockey fields, in addition to its own 9-hole golf course and a sports pavilion. The entertainment facilities include an outdoor swimming pool.  

The residence has several common areas where participants can play, rest or talk with their new classmates. In addition to those registered in the camp, there are also boys and girls who participate in other camps such as: Song, Music, Soccer, Golf, Tennis and Hockey.

Holds 180 students.

The closest airports or train stations are:

  • London Heathrow – 75 km – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • London Gatwick – 55 km – 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Eurostar London – 95 km – 2 hours and 20 minutes


The Clayesmore residence has its headquarters in the city of Iwerne Minster in Dorset, southwest of England. This is the only center that accepts 9-year-old participants and offers a relaxed and wonderful environment. It has tennis courts, soccer, rugby, a theater and a sports pavilion as well as an indoor pool. The rooms are shared between 3 and 10 participants.

In addition to horseback riding, other sports are practiced at this camp such as tennis, rugby, song, dance or soccer, which means that boys and girls of different nationalities are together until they participate in their specific activities where each student can develop their chosen main activity at the camp.

This camp is available from July x to August x and can hold 140 kids per week.

Clayesmore headquarters can be accessed from different airports and train stations:

  • London Heathrow – 160 km – 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • London Gatwick – 200 km – 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Eurostar London – 190 km – 3 hours


The nearby cities to these headquarters are:

  • Blandford Forum – 12 km
  • Bournemouth – 42 km
  • Bath – 61 km
A closer look at the accommodation at . Left photo
A closer look at the accommodation at . Right photo


Oundle School is located, as its name indicates, in the city of Oundle, near Peterborough in Cambridgeshire.

The school offers excellent facilities to practice sports and has extensive game fields and two sports pavilions. There is also a lighted field with artificial turf, two tennis courts and an indoor pool.

I addition to those kids who participate in the dance camp, there are other kids registered in the camp for tennis, basketball, soccer or hockey.

All the sports facilities are located in the same enclosure as the housing, except for those who participate in horse riding, this activity takes place in a nearby-specialized stable.

These headquarters, as with the rest, provide a secure and quiet environment for the kids with comfortable shared rooms in an international context that is quite rewarding.

It is available for boys and girls between the age group of 11 and 16 years from July x to August x. The facilities have large dimensions and can facilitate 160 kids a week.

The closest airports and train stations close to these headquarters are:

  • London Heathrow – 160 km – 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • London Stansted – 105 km – 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Eurostar London – 140 km – 2 hours and 15 minutes

The closest cities to these headquarters are:

  • Peterborough – 24 km
  • Cambridge – 63 km
  • Birmingham – 116 km


  • Peterborough – 24 km
  • Cambridge – 63 km
  • Birmingham – 116 km

Prices and dates. Dance Camp in UK

Dance Oundle School (Sport and English)
1 Week2487 €
2 Weeks4381 €
3 Weeks6708 €
4 Weeks8945 €
5 Weeks11181 €
6 Weeks13417 €

These courses are subject to a registration fee of 129 € ( $160 ) .

The official rate of this camp is determined in POUNDS, so the final amount in EUROS may vary slightly due to the fluctuation of both currencies.

Starting Dates

Dance Oundle School (Sport and English)

03 July

Places available

10 July

Places available

17 July

Places available

24 July

Places available

Included in the price
  • 30 hours of dancing training
  • 15 English lessons a week
  • Full room and board
  • Entertainment activities
  • Field trips
  • Welcome kit
  • Medical insurance 
Not included in the price
  • Flight
  • Transfer Service
  • Travel insurance
  • Cancelation insurance

Transfer Service

This service has an additional cost and can be organized by Exsportise. A chaperone picks up your child as soon as he/she exits the plane from a British airport and guides them through Immigration, Luggage pick up and customs. Later on the chaperone will take the child to the Exsportise representative who will be waiting for him/her at the airport to take the child to the camp.

Before departure, the chaperone will guide your child to the Departure Gate and wait until the child boards the plane.

This service can be contracted when you confirm your reservation.

Insurance Services

Through an international insurance company, we offer two different types of insurance:

Camp cancellation insurance

If you want to rest assured that you can recover your money in the event that your child is unable to attend the camp because of unforeseen circumstances - our cancellation insurance policy may be of interest to you. More information here

Travel insurance

We also offer a travel insurance policy that also includes medical assistance. Details of the full policy coverage can be found here

Steps to make a reservation for the camp

  • Step 1: Make a payment of 50% of the total cost of the program. (If you reserve after May 31st, you must pay 100% of the cost of the program to reserve.)
  • Step 2: Turn in the required documents duly completed.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, we’ll send you a confirmation of your reservation.

Once you have received the confirmation, you can buy your transportation tickets. If you have reserved the transfer service, be sure to send us an email regarding the details of your trip so we can successfully transport you to the camp.

Photos & videos. Dance Camp in UK

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