The United States is not only a significant force in world tennis, it also has a many universities attended by students from all around the world who do tennis coaching alongside their academic studies. The US also has excellent proficiency tennis academies, providing coaching to young people whose long term aim is to become a professional tennis player.

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Summer campus

IMG Tennis Academy 2024

  • Location: Bradenton, Florida
  • Age and gender: Boys and girls between 12 and 18 years old
  • Clases de Inglés: Yes

IMG is a high-performance tennis academy located in Bradenton, Florida. For boys and girls from 12 to 18 years old.

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What kind of services do the tennis academies offer?

The tennis academies are training centres which welcome young sports people who want to perfect their technique and work on their physical fitness with the aim of one day competing at professional level.
These professional academies offer long term programmes (a full academic year) but there are also courses lasting for a semester, a trimester or a month. You can also apply for programmes lasting as little as two weeks, which run throughout the year.
All the academies have residences and there are also schools for those students who want to enrol on to the internal programme, enabling them to pursue their academic education while doing tennis coaching.

What are the dates of the tennis programmes held at the academy?

The professional tennis academies run year-round coaching programmes. The longer term courses, such as the full year-or semester courses usually coincide with the academic year. However, the shorter courses can be taken at any time of year.

Which professional tennis academies do we offer in the USA?

The USA has the best elite sports academies. One of these is the IMG proficiency academy, located in Florida, with its magnificent sports facilities and an excellent sports coaching team who have long experience of working with young tennis players who go on to play at the very top level of the sport. The technical director of the academy is Nick Bollettieri, a major benchmark when it comes to tennis coaching, whose training methods are renowned the world over. Tennis players of the calibre of Kei Nishikori have been coached in this academy and many other tennis professionals train here occasionally, attracted by the wonderful climate of Florida and the fantastic facilities at IMG.

What level of tennis ability does a young person need to enrol into these programmes?

IMG proficiency academy is a specialist elite tennis coaching centre. It is very demanding at a physical level and the training is very intensive. It is only recommended for young people who are serious about reaching their maximum potential. To be accepted onto this programme, participants must have at least intermediate level tennis, but even more important is that they have the capacity to make the huge commitment needed to get the very best out of themselves.

How many hours of training do participants in these academies do?

The proficiency academies run a very intensive coaching programme. Participants train for between 5 and 6 hours a day from Monday to Friday. At weekends they usually take part in tournaments at the academy or elsewhere. The coaching combines technical training with physical fitness.

Do the tennis academies have schools?

The IMG academy has its own school for pupils between 12 and 18 years of age. As well as school lessons during the day, there are also evening classes available to provide tuition for young people who want extra support. For international students, it is also possible to enrol into English classes.

What else do the participants learn at these camps?

At the IMG academy the students learn a lot more besides tennis. It is a unique opportunity for the young people to find out about their mental strength and maturity, and learn how much commitment and sacrifice they need to give to the sport. They also have the opportunity to make new friends with young people from all around the world and live like a professional athlete. In addition they learn how to look after their body in order to maximise their tennis performance.

Learning about the values of the sport will help the participants for the rest of their lives. International students also have the chance to learn English, making the experience an even more complete one.