Spain is one of the major benchmarks when it comes to world tennis and one of the most prolific countries when it comes to producing players who make it into the top 100 ATP ranking. As well as producing fantastic tennis players, Spain has excellent professional academies and a wonderful climate in which to play the sport.

To help you choose the perfect tennis academy in Spain, we’ve designed some infographics you can use to easily compare information such as price, lodging, hours of training per week, etc. You can also download the brochures of various academies or request a personalized quote by clicking below.

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Summer campus

Bruguera Tennis Academy 2024

  • Location: Barcelona
  • Training: 30 h / week
  • English classes: 5 lessons / week
  • Allowed age: 11 to 23 years

The Bruguera tennis academy is located in Barcelona and offers its annual program to boys and girls between 12 and 18 years of age.

This academy has closed permanently for COVID-19 reasons. If you are looking for an academy with similar characteristics in terms of quality, training and price we recommend the Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy.

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Ferrero Tennis Academy

  • Location: Villena, Alicante
  • English classes: Yes
  • Educational program: Optional

The Ferrero Tennis Academy located in Villena, Alicante, offers young tennis players the opportunity to continue training and reach their full potential with the aim of dedicating themselves to tennis at a professional level in the future.

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What kind of services do the tennis academies offer?

The proficiency tennis academies are training centres where a team of professionals coach young tennis players seeking advanced level training which will enable them to achieve their maximum potential and hopefully one day compete at professional level.

These academies offer short and long term programmes throughout the year. As well as the tennis coaching accommodation is provided and, in addition, the academy works in partnership with one or more local schools so that the participants also have the opportunity to follow their academic studies while receiving tennis coaching.

What are the dates of the tennis programmes held at the academy?

The professional tennis academies are open throughout the year. The annual programme usually runs from September to June, coinciding with the academic year, but it is also possible to take courses lasting a semester, a trimester, one month and even in certain cases, one week.

Which professional tennis academies do we offer in Spain?

Spain has some magnificent proficiency tennis academies attended by young people from all over the world who want to perfect their skills and learn from the best professionals. Please see below for more information about the academies:

Bruguera Academy: Located in Santa Coloma de Cervelló (18 km from the centre of Barcelona), the Bruguera Academy has a 35 year track record in coaching tennis players. The founder is Luis Bruguera, a well known ex–tennis player and coach who, together with his team of professional coaches, have got 25 of their players into the top 100 ATP or WTA ranking. Players of the calibre of Sergi Bruguera, Garbiñe Muguruza, Juan Aguilera and Jordi Arrese have done their tennis traning here, all these players achieving significant results on the professional circuit.
Juan Carlos Ferrero Tennis Academy: Located in Villena, Alicante, this sports centre boasts excellent facilities, including the latest technology to provide young people with the best possibility of improving and maximising their potential. The academy was founded in 1990 by Antonio Martinez Cascales, who acted as the coach of Juan Carlos Ferrero during his tennis career.

What level of tennis ability is required to enrol into these programmes?

To be accepted onto this programme, participants must have at least intermediate level tennis, but even more important is to have a good aptitude and the desire to improve. For the shorter term programmes it is not necessary to have such a high level of skill but it is recommended that participants play sport regularly and have good physical fitness. It should be taken into account that the coaching in the proficiency academies is very intense and demanding, amounting to around 5 hours a day plus tournaments at the weekends.

How many hours of training do participants in these academies do?

Todas las escuelas profesionales de tenis, ofrecen un programa muy intensivo solo apto para jóvenes apasionados por este deporte y con una buena forma física. Los entrenamientos suelen ser de lunes a viernes (incluso hasta el sábado) y se realizan en sesiones diarias de 5 o 6 horas al día distribuidas entre entrenamiento técnico en pista y entrenamiento físico en el gimnasio o en las instalaciones deportivas de cada centro.

All the professional tennis academies run a very intensive coaching programme which are suitable only for those young tennis players who are passionate about their sport. Coaching usually takes place from Monday to Friday (sometimes also on Saturdays). There are 5-6 hours’ coaching a day, divided between technical training on court and physical fitness sessions in the gym or other areas of the sports centres.

Do the tennis academies have schools?

All the academies offer the opportunity for participants to continue their academic studies. These can be adapted so that they fit around the sports coaching. Courses can be taken either by distance learning or in a nearby school. A number of academies also have their own school.

What else do participants do in these camps?

Participating in a tennis course at an academy is a very enriching experience. Apart from the tennis coaching, the young people learn to follow a discipline, to take decisions, to share with their companions and to learn about healthy living. In addition the international students have the opportunity to do language classes.