Child nutrition in one day

Child nutrition is one of the most important factors parents should consider, since the future health of our kids has a lot to do with what we teach them at an early age. Trying to instill in them healthy habits such as eating vegetables, fish or practicing a sport are objectives that we must accomplish even though we know they are sometimes difficult.

Because of our concern with child nutrition, we talked with nutritionist of ReSport, Alex Vidal and with the dietitian/nutritionist Gonzalo Domínguez, from the Podia Fys Clinic ( ), who shared with us some tips in the infographic shown below, where we go over the key time periods of the day.

Here you can take a look at the best healthy habits to live a healthy lifestyle, as well as the drawbacks both nutritionists share so our kids avoid living an unhealthy lifestyle that can lead to problems now or in the future. Now take a look at the infographic and below you have a download link to keep it and show your kids or students, if you are a teacher.

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