How to obtain substantial discounts in the best football camps

How to obtain substantial discounts in the best football camps

arsenal_tecnificacion-300x200For many families it is very expensive to send a son or daughter to a residential football camp, especially if it’s a camp in another country, with the additional cost of travel to be added to the price.

There’s a substantial difference in the prices between the different football camps that we offer (see the article ‘Why is there so much difference in price between one camp and another?’). The most economical camps start at 1,200-1,400 Euros for two weeks and, with the addition of the cost of international travel, airport transfers and travel insurance, the price is likely to be at least 2,000 Euros.

Is it really worth spending so much money on a football camp?

album-2012-grande-11-300x225Obviously we are not completely neutral because we are committed to selling our football camps. However we can confirm, from all our feedback from parents who have sent their child to a camp, that it is one of the best investments that you could make.

It is not just a great experience for young people who love football but it is also an investment in their future. The comments we receive most often from parents are that, apart from improving their football and language ability, their children also become more responsible, confident and improve their social skills.

Although it is possible that there are parents who do not want to spend so much money sending their son or daughter to a football camp, don’t worry because we have a solution.

How to obtain discounts for your football camp booking

We sell football camps online to customers throughout the world and we also work in partnership with local agencies in many countries but we are interested in promoting our services further and reaching out to more potential customers both locally and internationally.

If you know anyone who might be interested in sending their child to one of our football camps (or other international camps with or without sport) and you recommend our services to them, we offer a good discount for each new customer we obtain who has been referred to us by you.

CFLS-at-CFA_2015-71-242x300We can provide you with leaflets and other promotional information that you can share at your local football club or school. For each new customer we get who has been referred by you, you will receive a discount on the price of the camp for your child. The final discount will depend on the camp itself but it is usually between 5% and 10% of the total price for each customer you refer to us. If you refer 5 new customers to us you can obtain a discount of 50% and for 10 customers you can obtain a free place at a camp.

If you are interested in promoting our services in your local area, there is also the possibility of working in partnership with us as an agent and receiving commissions for each client you obtain for us. For this latter option we obviously need to get to know you better and for you to be fully informed about the rules you need to follow to sell our services. You would also need to complete our mini training course online.

If you are interested in the chance to obtain a discount on the cost of the camp for your child or in collaborating with us as a local agent, we would be delighted to discuss this with you. Please fill in the form below.

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