France is the cradle of tennis and since its emergence around the XVII century , the French are big fans of this sport. Roland Garrós is its best known tournament and each year it brings together enthusiasts from all parts of the world who come to see one of the best shows of the sports world.  

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Summer campus

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy 2024

  • Location: Santa Coloma de Cervelló (Barcelona)
  • Ages and genders: Students between 11 and 23 years old
  • Language classes: Advanced, Intermediate

The Mouratoglou High Performance Tennis Academy is one of the leading tennis schools in Europe. Boys and girls from 8 to 18 years old.

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If your child dreams with competing in this tournament one day, is a passionate about tennis and wants to make the most out of his/her summer, choose a tennis camp in France for him or her.

In addition to professional training he/she will be able to learn languages and have fun with peers from all parts of the world.

What are these tennis camps all about?

These camps offer the possibility of improving the kids’ tennis skills at the hands of professional coaches who teach all the techniques and help them achieve their maximum potential.

At the same time, language classes of different levels are taught so that the kids can devote a few hours a day to learn English or French.

A combination of sport and languages that, not only do the kids love, but that also convinces the parents.

Since not everything is going to be classes and discipline, the camp monitors organize other recreational activities for the kids to have fun, get to know each other better and enjoy the most of their stay at the camp.

What tennis camp do we offer in France?

We offer the Mouratoglou tennis academy summer camp. A high-performance school which has spent more than 15 years teaching all the secrets of this sport to promising youth. At this camp, kids from 45 nationalities meet, willing to train hard to improve their skills to the fullest and take advantage of their stay in the academy learning from the best professionals.

The summer camp program is available for children between ages 8 to 18 and touches on all aspects of the technique, 8 hours of daily training so that the kids can improve rapidly.

This camp, in addition to training, offers English or French classes in very small groups so that the teacher can dedicate the time needed to each student.

When do these camps take place?

Tennis camps are held during the kids’ school vacations. Typically, they begin in late June or early July and end in August.

What level is required to access these camps?

The Mouratoglou school has summer programs for all levels, from beginner to advanced. But, of course, this is an intensive camp where 8 hours of training are taught. If your child looking for a less intensive program that focuses more on fun than in improving the level of tennis, we recommend that you choose another camp. If you have any doubts you can contact us and we will be delighted to help you choose the camp that best suits the needs of your child.

Are English classes taught at the tennis camps?

Yes, specifically at the Mouratoglou academy it is also possible to teach French classes.

What more can be learned at these camps?

In this type of camps one learns the spirit of discipline and effort as a means to achieve our personal goals. The sacrifice has its rewards and the kids who spend each summer at the Mouratoglou camps know this very well. They also gain maturity, independence and mental fortitude. The kids learn to fend for themselves and to socialize with other peers. Nothing as healthy as sport, why all the staff of the camps strives to instill the love of sport, is so important for kids who are forming their personality.