High intensity tennis camps. Achieve your dream!

A doubt that many parents have when they choose a tennis camp for their kids is the choice of training programs. Tennis camps are designed so kids have fun during their summer vacation, although high intensity tennis camps focus on the player´s overall improvement. To practice the sport and meet new friends at camp offers an enriching experience for young kids and teenagers.

Tennis training is one of the main pillars of the programs, since this activity is practiced daily and students spend most of their time playing tennis. That is why it´s important to know which program is the best for your children so you avoid uncomfortable situations such as signing up your kids for difficult programs or those that don’t offer a high enough level for them. If your kids enjoy playing tennis but don´t have professional aspirations and you include them in a high intensity program, you might frustrate, bore them or tire them out.

We offer both types of tennis training camps. Let´s take a look at what each one consists of and who they are for.

Standard Training

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The standard training tennis camp is the most common one and usually all the camps offer this. The training is divided into groups of 6 to 8 students by level and age group.

The common training is offered at any tennis club. Depending on the age of the participants, training can be more or less intense and may be combined with games and other activities.

If the camp is not classified as high intensity, this doesn´t mean that it´s not good enough to learn all the tennis techniques to improve the kids performance. Usually this type of tennis training offers 3 hours a day (depending on the camp) and it´s quite common to include English classes with a variety of other activities offered during the day.

Who is this type of tennis training aimed for?

This type of training is for kids who enjoy playing tennis during their free time or they sign up to play at a local club. Training is adapted to any level of tennis and all age groups. Here is a blog post with all the tennis camps available in Spain and overseas offered by Ertheo.

High intensity tennis training

This type of program is very specific to the rest of the tennis camps. This tennis training is more personalized than the standard program since it´s focused more on the player´s needs to improve the weak spots and improve specific strengths.

Except for a few cases, this program is designed for certain age groups (from 12 years) since it´s more challenging than a standard training program. The intensity of this program is quite high and sessions can last up to 6 or more hours a day.

The level required for this type of program is advanced since players must have previous technical knowledge and be accustomed to high intensity training.

Who is this type of training for?

When choosing this type of high intensity tennis training camp the demand and dedication should be taken into consideration.

This program is for students who take this sport seriously, who have a high tennis level and want to take advantage of their summer improving their technique from the best professionals or kids who have a medium level and wish to improve their abilities with a fast and precise high intensity program.

Now that you know the difference and what the high intensity tennis training is all about, here are the characteristics of each camp with this type of training focused on professional tennis. At Ertheo we offer four high intensity camps located in several academies that offer yearly programs for kids who wish a longer experience.

The ex-tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero has been one of the most important players in the history of Spain who won the point for the team during his first Davis Cup in the year 2000. Now retired, Ferrero manages the training at his academy and offers a summer camp for kids ages 12 to 18. During their stay at the camp, students train between 33 and 38 hours a week from Monday to Saturday and can also enjoy learning English or Spanish. The training sessions are divided into three: technical training on the court, physical, mental and psychological training.

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One of the greatest advantages of the Ferrero tennis academy is that each player has a private coach, who after examining the students, designs a personalized training plan. The academy has 20 courts with different surfaces although most of them are clay. On the other hand, the playing and resistance fields are located in the same location in Villena, Alicante.

Brugera Tennis Academy

Another ex-tennis player is, Sergi Brugera, who also has an academy in Spain, specifically in Barcelona. This academy offers a high intensity tennis camp for boys and girls ages 11 to 23 who wish to train as much as possible in order to get their full potential.

Students train for 32 ½ hours a week and the training sessions are divided in three hours of work on the court dedicated to tactical and technical sessions and footwork as well as two and a half hours of physical training. English or Spanish classes are offered in the afternoon. This academy uses the Brugera method, consisting of using all the sport and personal aspects of the students to achieve integral training.

Housing and training courts are located in the same premises allowing students to concentrate and preventing them from having to ride in a daily bus to practice. The facilities are terrific and the academy has 16 tennis courts (clay and hard courts), pool, soccer field, gymnasium and much more.

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IMG is one of the best sport facilities in the world and is located in Florida, United States.

Due to its terrific facilities and the amount of sports programs offered, this academy is a great option for tennis players since students train at this tennis camp with an excellent technical team.

The personalized tennis programs at IMG Florida offer 20 hours of weekly training and use the famous Bollettieri method, who is the area tennis director.

This camp focuses on the student’s physical and mental training as well as nutrition to achieve complete benefits.

Participants can also take English classes although these are not mandatory. The housing and the sports facilities are located in the same place, at the IMG macro campus in Bradenton, Florida. There is also a gymnasium, pool and 52 tennis courts with different surfaces.

The last high intensity tennis camp available is the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy in Biot, France. The well-known coach Patrick Mouratoglou, current trainer of the number two in the world, Serena Williams, created this academy.

This academy offers students 4 hours of training a day from Monday to Friday as they train both physical and mental preparedness. Mouratoglou considers that his academy is not just a tennis academy, it´s also a school for life, where tennis players focus on improving their technique as well as their values, education and personality.