Football is one of the most played sports in the world. In Spain no other sport has the same impact on the country’s culture and ‘La Liga’, Spain’s professional league is followed every week by millions of people around the world.

The Spanish league, together with the English Premier League, are leading club competitions globally and during the past few decades Spanish teams have dominated the prestigious club tournaments such as the Champions League and Europa League.

At club level, the two most successful teams in national football, Real Madrid and Barcelona have shown supremacy in Europe over the past few seasons. We should also highlight the achievements of Seville F.C., which features in the list of winners of the Europa League (previously UEFA Cup) with 4 championship trophies to its name.

Year after year Spanish teams dominate the principal European campaigns. At national level “La Roja” has been through a golden age, scoring an historic triplet of victories (Euros – World Cup – Euros), something never before achieved by any national team.

This extraordinary record means that in analysing football methodologies and tactics, countries look towards Spain and thus the number of players, teams and fans of football in this country is growing at an extraordinary rate.

In light of the fact that more and more young people want to improve their football skills with the help of qualified trainers there is a growing trend to hold football camps during the winter months. Our winter camps are similar to the summer camps in that they offer participants the chance to learn languages as well as do football training, in this regard they represent a perfect development opportunity for young footballers who want to spend time playing their favourite sport