We offer much more than simple sport coaching. We have a customer support team who make every effort to help you in your search for the best sport programme for your son or daughter. Read on to see what we can offer you:


Save Time

The world’s best sport programmes all on one website

We offer a wide choice of summer and winter sports camps as well as specialist training. Our programmes last from just one week to a complete year in a professional academy. Our website is designed to enable you to compare camps and programmes without leaving the web page, which will save you time and make your search a whole lot easier. As well as this, our team of advisers who know each programme thoroughly and can help you choose the best camp based on your particular needs.

Get to know all programmes and camps we offer:

  • The best and widest choice
  • Easy comparison between camps
  • Programmes for all abilities
  • Sports camps with languages (English, Spanish or French) in countries throughout the world.
  • Football camps endorsed by top football clubs.
  • Tournaments/combinations of tournaments for teams in Spain and other European countries.
  • Longer term courses in professional academies (trimesters, semesters or year-long) in Spain, United Kingdom or United States
  • Training programmes for teams
  • Courses for professional coaches.
  • Search and recruitment of professional coaches for teams.


Help In Choosing

The best tools to make the best selection
Expert and honest advice

We’ll help you to compare the main features of each camp to make it easy for you to choose the best camp for your personal or professional needs.

We understand that choosing a sport programme is a tricky task and it’s not always easy to understand the difference in prices between academies and camps and what added value each one offers. Our customer service team will be happy to support you through the process, answer your questions, help you understand what you are buying and explain how the process works.

  • Expert and honest advice
  • Guidance publications
  • App to compare camps
Help guides

If you prefer to do your own search we have a range of publications available containing the key details so that you can read about what each programme offers, not just from the sports perspective but the other activities and learning aspects that a camp provides for its participants. We provide information about the booking process, the costs and what’s included and not included in the price.

App to compare camps

We have an application which compares the different camps we offer on our website. By using our comparator, you will be able to check for yourself the differences between the services offered by each programme and thus clarify your ideas and make the best decision before you book.

In our Help in Choosing Section you can find more information and download the app if you wish.



We are your best support to resolve any problems with the camp

It’s often easy to take for granted excellent customer service, especially when all is going well. However it’s when something goes wrong that we notice the difference in having the support of a company that cares. Our customer service team are there to support you and will make you will feel as if you are our most important client.

We have a great deal more influence than can be exercised by a client on their own: organisations listen to us and take us seriously.

We have been working for many years with key provider organisations in the sector of sports camps throughout the world and we send them thousands of clients every year. We have built up good relationships and both we and the provider companies are committed to everything working well. Thus, you can be assured that if there is any mishap or incident related to a camp programme, we are in a position to use our influence to help resolve matters as quickly as possible.



We take care of every detail so that you will have the best experience possible during the whole process

Our experience offering sports camps programmes has enabled us to build up a knowledge about what our customers are looking for in the programmes which the provider organisations do not provide. We have used this to develop a range of additional services to extend our offer:

  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Other camps or language courses for all the family
What additional services do we offer?
Medical or travel Insurance

This insurance covers, for example loss of luggage during the journey or the cost of medical treatment, very important especially when travelling abroad and if you don’t have a separate travel insurance policy which covers this type of situation. For more information read about our Travel Insurance Cover

Interruption or Cancellation Insurance

We are aware that purchasing a place on a sport programme is a substantial cost which, in many cases, you have to make quite a long time in advance in order to secure the place. Because of this we put at our customers’ disposal a policy of cancellation insurance which covers unforeseen circumstances which may arise from the point when you make the reservation up to the last day of the programme. Thus if there is some unforeseen reason why your child cannot participate, for example, injury, illness or any other reason covered by the policy you will be entitled to a total or partial refund of the price.

Activities for parents

If you are going to accompany your child to the camp, we have a good choice of activities on offer, in Spain and abroad. We can help you find out the activities and experiences available in the city you’re travelling to so you can make the best use of your free time and have an enjoyable experience..

We can offer you activities such as a languages course, a sightseeing tour around the main places of interest in the city, excursion to a spa and many other options besides.You can read more here. Click here to read the guide to activities for parents.



We have more than 15 years’ experience offering camps and language courses throughout the world. This experience has given us an in depth knowledge of the sector and thus we offer our clients only the best. We are very demanding about the quality of the service we offer and we take the opinions of our customers very seriously. We want to improve every year, to continue to fulfil your expectations and ensure your child has a wonderful experience.