Do you have a burning ambition to become a football coach? To you want to train and inspire the next generation of young footballers?

Barcelona’s football academy can help you realize your goal through its excellent training course for coaches. The academy offers a wide range of programs designed for coaches and technicians who want to develop their knowledge and improve their teaching skills via in practical and professional training environment.

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Since it was formed, the Barcelona academy has trained over 3,000 coaches and in excess of 10,000 footballers.

Available Programs

  • Courses for coaches (21 months, 18 months, 12 months, 3 months, 1 month, 2 weeks,1 week or 1 day): including theory and practical classes, residential accommodation, language classes (optional), and activities and excursions (optional).

The specialist coaching course at the Barcelona Academy are available for a wide range of durations, from a single day to 21 months, and are based on the methodologies of the city’s most famous teams.

The programs are open to applicants of 16 years and over and are geared towards all young people who have an interest in becoming a professional football coach.

The Barcelona academy has partnership agreements with federations, clubs and organisations throughout the world of football. This enables the coaches to develop training methods and techniques used by teams of a high calibre such as FC Barcelona.

All the courses are delivered by professional trainers with substantial experience on professional benches.

Participants will benefit from practical experience in teams from the network of grass roots football in Barcelona, where they will learn at first hand the working methods of these organisations.

To complement the coaching training, the football academy also offers general or specialist language courses which are delivered within a footballing context.

During their free time, the trainee coaches can enjoy numerous entertainment activities and optional excursions, organised by the academy, which will help them to get to know the city of Barcelona.  

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