The best soccer camp in Spain. High performance campus for boys aged 12 to 16, players or goalkeepers. During the first half of July. Professional and exclusive training in Marbella, with luxury facilities, there are only 60 seats!

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The FEX High-performance Soccer Camp is a professional soccer training program offered exclusively in Spain. FEX stands for “Professional Football Experience,”  and as the name suggests, the FEX High-performance Soccer Camp offers young soccer players a truly unique opportunity to experience life as a professional footballer.

This new project was designed with one objective in mind, to create the best high-performance summer football program available today. FEX is the result of combining the most intensive and professional training with the highest quality facilities.

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3295 € 2 weeks

This camp collaborates with a world-renowned soccer academy in Barcelona called the Barcelona High-performance Academy. The academy has over 40 years of experience preparing young soccer players to compete in the professional area, and they’ve agreed to send their best coaches to FEX this summer to train FEX Summer Camp participants and help them reach their full potential.

They've also chosen the best sports facilities and accommodation in an exclusive area close to Marbella to guarantee quality and comfort for all participants.

FEX Summer Camp participants stay at the Gran Hotel Benahavís and train at the hotel’s sports facilities. These luxurious accommodations and first class facilities are designed to host professional football teams from around the world. Teams such as the German and Belgian national teams and many others have spent time here and have found these facilities to be the best place to concentrate and prepare for preseason and competitions.

The camp takes place during the first two weeks of July and is open to male athletes from 12 - 16 years old of all positions (goalkeepers included).This program is ideal for intermediate-advanced/elite soccer players with a burning desire to reach their full potential and become successful soccer players.

This academy is located in Benahavís: a municipality adjacent to the city of Marbella, in the province of Malaga. The location provides unbeatable conditions for young soccer players to both improve their skills and enjoy an incredible soccer experience.

The academy’s objective is to show participants the skills and mindset necessary to compete at the highest level and to show participants how to achieve their goals based on hard work, passion, and solid training. FEX also thoroughly analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of each player to assess their ability to improve and their potential for success in the future.

In addition, camp participants who demonstrate great talent and a positive attitude will have the opportunity to continue their football and academic training for one or more seasons at the Barcelona High-performance Academy.

In Benahavís, athletes will enjoy an exceptional climate, a safe and quiet environment, the maximum level of comfort, and, to top it off, an excellent recreational program. Participants are sure to remember this wonderful learning experience for the rest of their lives.

There are only 60 spots available, so hurry before they run out!

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The FEX Summer Camp offers intensive, high-performance soccer training. It’s all about offering players the best training in a professional environment so that they can take full advantage of their two weeks of soccer development.

During the day, several training sessions are held from 9 in the morning until 6 in the afternoon. Participants also train on Saturday morning. Spanish is the camp’s official language, and training sessions are held in Spanish. That being said, coaches also have an intermediate level of English and can speak English if necessary.

The participants practice various technical and tactical exercises during the program including shooting, positioning, dribbling, decision-making, marking, competitions, etc. Training is intensive and adapted to prepare participants for advanced/elite European football. On-field training is also complemented by physical conditioning and recovery sessions in the gym and outdoor swimming pool.

Given the intensity of training, we only recommend this program to soccer players who are already accustomed to physical activity on a regular basis. Participants are expected to keep up with the demands of the program.

In terms of skill level, the camp accepts intermediate, advanced or elite level soccer players. During the first few days of camp, coaches evaluate the skill level of the participants and place them in groups with other athletes of a similar level (maximum of 15 players per group). Goalkeepers train a few hours a day with a specialized coach, performing personalized exercises designed for their position.

FEX is looking for 60 athletes who, as an essential requirement, have the desire to work hard, learn, and dedicate two weeks of their summer to achieving their athletic goals.

Football Training

Training Languages:
Languages spoken by coaches:
English, Spanish, French

Levels of training offered by the camp:
Intermediate, Advanced
How are the groups organized?
Level and Age

Number of children per group:

Plan for the Future

This camp is a unique opportunity for young soccer players to experience day-to-day life at a high-performance soccer academy before committing to a long-term program in one of these professional training centers.

Coaches at FEX come directly from the Barcelona High-performance Academy to train FEX summer camp participants and prepare them to compete in the professional arena. The coaches are experts in analyzing the potential of each player and determining their chances of competing professionally.

When camp ends, players with the highest level and best attitudes will be shortlisted and offered the opportunity to continue training and studying in Barcelona for at least one full season.


The FEX camp coaches come right from the coaching roster of the Barcelona High-performance Academy, an academy with more than 40 years of experience as well as its own training method which has successfully prepared a multitude of players to compete professionally.

All coaches have a UEFA Pro License, and they’ve also been trained by the Barcelona High Performance Academy to learn the pedagogical methods that have led this academy to be one of the best training centers for soccer players in the world.


Extra Services Available

The academy also offers students the possibility to purchase several additional services so they can personalize their program even more and ultimately make the most of the experience. These services are as follows:

Personal trainer: €300/day

Players who purchase this service will be accompanied at all times by a personal trainer/coach. The coach will analyze everything they do during the day in real time and teach them what they need to improve to reach their full potential.
The coach will also record videos of the player throughout the day so that they can see their own weaknesses and witness their own improvement as they follow the FEX training program and the advice laid out for them by their personal trainer.

Several days after the end of the camp, they’ll receive their final analysis by email.

New Technologies: €200/session

This service offers the latest in football technology to help participants improve. Some of the exercises that are performed are the following:

Free kicks/Penalties

The player takes a variety of shots on goal with a smart ball that records data about its speed, rotation, impact zone, and route. The player's kicking movement is also recorded to analyze all aspects for improvement.

Intelligent Goal System

These goals have LED indicators that light up to show where to direct the ball so the player can decide which tactic to use depending on the space, his opponents, and his teammates. This helps improve peripheral vision, a necessary strength for all positions.

There are also specific exercises for goalkeepers, such as a game with strobe glasses (to work space and movement) or the FitLight system (more focused on improving technical and tactical aspects of play).
All of these sessions are recorded, analyzed, and sent to the player after the end of camp.

Video analysis: €360/session

This service consists of performing an initial analysis during the first days of camp in order to determine a list of personalized objectives for the initial training sessions. A second video analysis will then be performed to follow, control, and analyze these objectives and the evolution of the player throughout the course.



09:00 TRAINING Session 1
10:30 Snack
11:00 TRAINING Session 2
13:30 Technical Evaluation
14:30 Lunch
16:00 TRAINING Session 3
18:00 Shower and snack
19:00 Leisure activities
20.30 Dinner
21:30 Leisure activities
23:00 Bedtime

Entertainment Activities

A different activity is scheduled each day for participants to get to know their peers and have a great time. These activities may include movie nights, contests, nature excursions, other sports activities, board games, table tennis, billiards, etc.


Two excursions are scheduled during the camp: one trip is to visit Puerto Banús and the shopping centers in the area.

The other excursion is a visit to a water park or other local attractions (depending on availability).

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Accommodations/Training Facilities

One of the biggest advantages of this camp is its top-level facilities, which are located in an environment conducive to ensuring safety and encouraging concentration on training. The goal of FEX is to provide the highest level of comfort so that players can focus purely on improving their football skills.

In fact, the training facilities are of such a high quality that many professional teams at the international level (such as Aston Villa, Málaga FC or Sparta in Prague) have chosen this location to carry out their pre-season preparation, stages, and intensive training sessions.  The comforts of a luxury hotel and the ease of having professional fields located right next door make this the perfect arrangement for professional soccer teams and, of course, for the FEX summer camp.


Marbella High Performance camp Accommodation

Air conditioning:
Free WIFI:

Languages spoken by monitors:
English, Spanish, French
The number of children per monitor:

Shared amenities

Games room
Fitness center
Computer room
Video games
Snacks shop
TV room / cinema
Playing tables: Ping pong, Billiards or others


Menu type: Buffet
Supervised food by monitors? Yes
Can you repeat dish? Yes

Distance between facilities

Accommodation - Training
Accommodation - Meals

Health care

Nurse: No
Doctor: No
Physiotherapist: Yes
First Aid Equipment: Yes


Participants of the FEX high-performance camp stay at the Gran Hotel Benahavis Spa: a luxury 4-star hotel that stands out for its elegance and comfort, located 7 kilometers from the coast, 15 minutes from Puerto Banús, and only 20 minutes from the center of Marbella.

Students stay in triple rooms that are very bright with beautiful views. All rooms have a full private bathroom.

The hotel provides meals to participants in a dining room area reserved exclusively for FEX participants. Students enjoy a buffet menu specially designed for their nutritional needs, their age, and their level of physical training.

In addition, the hotel provides other additional services, such as housekeeping, bed linen and towel changes, as well as a laundry service (for their training kit).

A closer look at the accommodation at Marbella Soccer School [Campus High Performance 2020]. Left photo
A closer look at the accommodation at Marbella Soccer School [Campus High Performance 2020]. Right photo

Training Facilities
The FEX training facilities are located next to the hotel, less than a minute walk away. The academy has a full-size natural grass soccer field that meets regulatory measurements, as well as an artificial turf field that can also be divided into two 5 vs. 5 soccer fields.

The facilities are include a fully-prepared locker room and a gym that participants use for recovery sessions and additional physical conditioning. Participants also use the outdoor swimming pool for additional conditioning and recovery as a way to complement their training regimen.


Benahavís is a very small and safe municipality that is located in an exclusive area surrounded by nature. The camp is located on the Costa del Sol just a few minutes from Marbella in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of the city, making it the perfect destination for relaxation and concentration. That’s why it’s a favorite destination for so many professional teams.

Teams such as the Belgian and German National Teams, Faroe Islands, Málaga FC, Dynamo Moscow, FCL Luzern, Sparta Prague, FC Nurenberg, Krakow LAT, Aston Villa, Jerv, HJK Helsinki, Sporting Lokeren, Hercules FC, Kristiansund, and many more first and second division teams have passed through these facilities.

To top it off, the accommodations and training facilities are located on the same campus, so campers won’t waste time on daily trips to the pitch. Participants only leave the camp facilities for the two scheduled excursions.

Students are supervised 24 hours a day by experienced chaperones who also stay in the hotel and accompany players at all times, both day-to-day and during excursions.

Price and Dates

Duration (Weeks)Marbella High Performance
High performance Marbella
2 Weeks3295 €

These courses are subject to a registration fee of 115€.

Prices are shown in Euros. Do you wish to see them in Dollars? Change to USD

Starting Dates

High performance Marbella

28 June

Places available

Included in the price
  • Full board accommodation
  • Professional training
  • Entertainment activities
  • 2 Excursions
  • Training kit (includes 2 jerseys, two pairs of shorts and socks)
Not included in the price
  • Transportation to the camp
  • Airport transfer service
  • Cancellation insurance (optional)
  • Travel/Medical insurance (optional)
  • Extra night (€150)
  • Personal trainer €300/day
  • New technologies €200/session
  • Video analysis €360/session

Insurance Services

Through an international insurance company, we offer two different types of insurance:

Camp cancellation insurance

If you want to rest assured that you can recover your money in the event that your child is unable to attend the camp because of unforeseen circumstances - our cancellation insurance policy may be of interest to you. More information here

Travel insurance

We also offer a travel insurance policy that also includes medical assistance. Details of the full policy coverage can be found here

Steps to make a reservation for the camp

  • Step 1: Make a payment of 50% of the total cost of the program. (If you reserve after May 31st, you must pay 100% of the cost of the program to reserve.)
  • Step 2: Turn in the required documents duly completed.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, we’ll send you a confirmation of your reservation.

Once you have received the confirmation, you can buy your transportation tickets. If you have reserved the transfer service, be sure to send us an email regarding the details of your trip so we can successfully transport you to the camp.

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