Athletics camps are a great opportunity to train physical capabilities in the summer combined with English classes in quality academies. In these camps, the boys and girls will put their competitive spirit into practice and will improve in almost every athletic discipline with a high level of coaches. The United States is one of the meccas of athletics and has various athletics camps on offer, although there are also a few in the England. Below is a list of the camps available on our website:

Athletics embraces a large number of sports which have their greatest expression in the Olympic Games which take place every four years.  Some of the most well-known trials including the sprint, long jump, discus throwing and weightlifting are practiced in the camps. Athletics is considered to be the oldest known sport and the first references to it go back to the year 776 AD in Greece, with a list of the winning athletes of a competition. The success of athletics is due to the ease of practicing each discipline, since little equipment is required.


Although the athletics camps are mainly located in the United States, one of the biggest factories of sporting talent, since the London Games, the United Kingdom has grown as a sporting force, healthy competition is also promoted in this type of camps.


In both England and the United States, the camps combine athletics with English classes. They have options available for all levels. As well as the classes and training sessions, the organisers plan activities which promote friendship and transmit sporting values, something which is very important for the education of the participants. The two camps which we offer on our website are:

  • IMG athletics camp: the IMG camp is one of the most comprehensive camps in the world and its large range of camps includes an athletics camp which can be combined with English or allows the student to concentrate on their best athletics skills. IMG has almost unbeatable facilities, including the covered training area for athletes and the athletics stadium.

  • Anglophiles athletics camp: this camp combines English classes with athletics training, so that the children are learning and enjoying themselves with their new friends. So that the experience is even more enriching, the teachers organise excursions to places nearby.