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This camp takes place in Algeciras and is designed for boys and girls who love football and aged between 8 and 17 years.
The programme is a perfect combination of English study and of course, playing football and being coached by the best professionals.

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Available Programs

  • Football + Languages
    17.5 hours of coaching + 10 hours of English classes per week.
  • Football without languages
    17.5 hours of coaching + 10 hours of football-related seminars per week.

Camp Rating

Sports facilities
Total Valoration:

Camp details

17.5 h / week
English Classes:
14 lessons / week
Required Age:
8 - 17 years
Doubles and Triples

Age Ratio:
10 - 12
12 - 14
14 - 17
Boys / Girls Ratio:
Top 5 nationalities:
Positive Values
  • High quality accommodation

  • 50% of participants are international students (they live with other participants from other camps)

  • Native English teachers with experience

  • Transfer included in the price

Negative Values
  • Daily transportation required from San Roque to Algeciras to attend training sessions

  • Program has only been running for one year

The programme is of two or three weeks’ duration and includes English classes with teachers who are native speakers of the language and football coaching sessions with trainers from the Atletico Madrid Academy. In addition, participants can enjoy a social programme and excursions organised by the camp. Everything adds up to an unforgettable experience for a young sports-loving person.
The summer camp is a unique opportunity to make friends, grow in maturity, become more independent and spend the holidays learning the values inherent to football.
Camp participants are accommodated at the Residencia de Sotogrande and training takes place in the grounds of Algeciras Football Club.

A typical day at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp
A typical day at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp

Are you interested in this camp?

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Training Methods - Atletico Madrid Soccer Camp in Sotogrande

Training at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp

The training sessions take place at the sports grounds of Algeciras Football Club. Groups are mixed and are organised by age and the skill level of the participant. Each training group has 10 players and is led by a professional coach from the Atletico Madrid Academy.

Football Training

Training Languages:
Languages spoken by coaches:
English, Spanish

Levels of training offered by the camp:
Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
How are the groups organized?

Number of children per group:
Training surface:
Artificial and natural grass

Training sessions take place in the mornings (from 10am to 1.30pm) on artificial turf football fields at the Algeciras Football Club. There is also a natural turf pitch, on which some matches are played.

Training at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Left picture
Training at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Right picture

Participants who choose the programme without language study will receive 3.5 hours’ football training from Monday to Friday and another two hours a day of technical seminars delivered by the Atletico Madrid coaches who lead the morning training sessions.
Participants who choose the option to study English will do the football coaching session in the morning with the other participants and in the afternoons (from Monday to Friday) will attend language lessons which each last two hours.
The coaching can be adapted to all abilities. Although the training is basically carried out in Spanish, there is no problem for participants from other countries as the trainers also speak English.
The coaching is based on helping players to improve the technical and strategic aspects of their game. However, the trainers also put a lot of emphasis on teaching the young people the values of Atletico Madrid Football Club, such as fighting spirit, humility, effort and team work.

English Classes - Atletico Madrid Football Camp in Sotogrande

Language classes at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp

This camp also offers the option of taking English classes during the programme. Participants who do not wish to take this option have two additional hours of football study per day, in the form of seminars.
The language classes are provided by the Colegio Internacional de Sotogrande, a prestigious language school with more than 30 years’ experience teaching international students. Teachers are native speakers of English and experienced in teaching languages.

Language classes at Football camp

Available languages:
3 Available levels
Children per group:
Group Division:
Level, Age
Native teachers

There are a total of 10 hours’ language study per week. Each class lasts two hours and takes place daily from Monday to Friday.
There are three levels available: beginner, intermediate and advanced and the maximum number of students per group is 8. Before starting, participants take a level test so they can be assigned to the most appropriate group.
The school provides the students with all the learning materials necessary. At the end of the camp, learners receive a diploma of participation, indicating the level reached.

Language classes at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Left picture
Language classes at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Right picture

Agenda - Atletico Madrid Football Camp in Sotogrande

Enjoying Atlético Madrid football soccer camp activities

Between the coaching sessions, language classes and other activities that take place, there is a lively and busy atmosphere in the camp. Nevertheless, there is still plenty of opportunity for the young people to relax, socialise with their camp mates in the games room and speak to their families.
Below you can see an example of a typical day of activities at the camp.


While at the residence, the participants of the Atletico Madrid camp share activities with other young people staying at the residence who are participating in other sports camps in Sotogrande. Many of these young people are from other countries, which offers participants a fantastic opportunity to make friends from all over the world, practise their language skills and learn about other cultures.
The camp’s entertainment team organises a social programme, with a range of activities to ensure the young people get the most out of every day at the camp. For participants who don’t want to join in with the organised activities, they can make use of the other amenities, such as table tennis and pool or simply relax and chat to their camp mates.
They can also use their free time to contact their families.


Excursions also take place jointly with the other participants at the residence. Destinations are decided on a few weeks before the start of the camp, but the most common are:

  • Isla Mágica
  • Gibraltar
  • Malaga
  • Cadiz or Tarifa
  • Amazonia Aventura
Enjoying Atlético Madrid football soccer camp activities. Left picture
Enjoying Atlético Madrid football soccer camp activities. Right picture


8.30     Get up
9.00     Breakfast
10.00     Travel to training facilities
10.30     Training session
13.30     Return to residence
14.00     Lunch
15.00     Free time
16.00     English classes or technical seminars
18.00     Social programme and free time
20.00     Dinner
21.00     Social programme
22.30 -23.00 Lights Out

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Accommodation - Atletico Madrid Football Camp in Sotogrande

Look inside Atlético Madrid football soccer camp accommodation

The participants at the Atletico Madrid camp are accommodated in a magnificent student residence located in San Roque. The residence provides excellent quality facilities with double or triple rooms with private bathroom. Rooms have air conditioning and there is free WiFi throughout the residence. In addition, the camp provides a laundry service and there is room cleaning and change of towels.


Atlético de Madrid Soccer Camp 2019 camp Accommodation

Accommodation type:
Room type:
Doubles and Triples

Bathroom type:
Air conditioning:

Free WIFI:

Languages spoken by monitors:
English, Spanish
The number of children per monitor:

Shared amenities

Multi sports stadium
Games room
Fitness center
Vending machine
Video games
Snacks shop
TV room / cinema
Swimming pool
Playing tables: Ping pong, Billiards or others
Studying room


Menu type: Buffet
Special Menu:
Can you repeat dish? Yes

Distance between facilities

Accommodation - Training
15 min
Accommodation - Language classes
11 min
Accommodation - Meals
2 min

Health care

Nurse: Yes
Doctor: Yes
Physiotherapist: No
First Aid Equipment: Yes

The residence where participants stay is located in the neighbourhood of San Roque Club. The football coaching takes place at the sports grounds of Algeciras Football Club and the English classes are at the Colegio Internacional de Sotogrande.
Participants are taken each day from the residence to the training ground and English classes by private bus, accompanied by monitors.

A closer look at the accommodation at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Left photo
A closer look at the accommodation at Atlético Madrid football soccer camp. Right photo

Camp address

San Roque Campus, Urb. San Roque Club, Avenida Mesas de Dientes s/n 11360 Cádiz, Spain

  • Sports facilities: 15 minutes by bus
  • Cafeteria: these are at the same location
  • English classes: 11 minutes by bus

Prices & Dates - Atletico Madrid Football Camp

Duration (Weeks)Atlético de Madrid
Standard with English
2 Weeks2190 €
3 Weeks3285 €
4 Weeks4380 €

Prices are shown in Euros. Do you wish to see them in Dollars? Change to USD

Starting Dates

Standard with English

01 July

Places available

08 July

Places available

15 July

Places available

Included in the price
  • Accommodation
  • Full board accommodation
  • Coaching
  • Language classes
  • Daily transport between facilities
  • Social Programme activities
  • Excursions
  • Sports strip
  • Certificate of attendance and discount for the Atletico Madrid shop
  • Transfers service (within established timetable)
  • 24 hour supervision
Not included in the price
  • Travel insurance
  • Cancellations insurance

Transfer Service

Please see below available schedules and prices for this service:

  • Arrivals: The time of arrival must be between 10:00 and 13:00 or 18:00 and 21:00. There will be two transport services to the camp, one at 13:00h and another at 22:00h.
  • Departures: Two journeys will be made returning from the camp to the airport/railway station, one at 07:00h and the other at 13:00h
TransferOne way onlyReturn
Málaga AirportFreeFree
Gibraltar AirportFreeFree
María Zambrano StationFreeFree


* Outside the established hours of arrivals and departures for the transfers service, an additional cost will be incurred of 130€ per person per journey.

* Optional Unaccompanied Minor service: free of charge

* Your price quote will contain the standard transfer cost. Once the dates of the flight are confirmed the price of the transfer will be adjusted accordingly.

Insurance Services

Through an international insurance company, we offer two different types of insurance:

Camp cancellation insurance

If you want to rest assured that you can recover your money in the event that your child is unable to attend the camp because of unforeseen circumstances - our cancellation insurance policy may be of interest to you. More information here

Travel insurance

We also offer a travel insurance policy that also includes medical assistance. Details of the full policy coverage can be found here

Steps to make a reservation for the camp

  • Step 1: Make a payment of 50% of the total cost of the program. (If you reserve after May 31st, you must pay 100% of the cost of the program to reserve.)
  • Step 2: Turn in the required documents duly completed.

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, we’ll send you a confirmation of your reservation.

Once you have received the confirmation, you can buy your transportation tickets. If you have reserved the transfer service, be sure to send us an email regarding the details of your trip so we can successfully transport you to the camp.

Photos & Videos - Atletico Madrid Football Camp

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