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  • Location: Casa Grande, Arizona, USA
  • Ages: 10 - 17 years old (program options for boys and girls)
  • Levels: Advanced/elite

The FC Barcelona High-performance Summer Soccer Camps take place in Casa Grande, Arizona at perhaps the most successful residential soccer academy in the USA. In fact, it’s the only full-time residential US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) in the US partnered with a top international professional team, FC Barcelona. Every full-time student who has passed through the academy has earned a scholarship or a professional contract.

The high-performance summer soccer camps at the FC Barcelona Academy in Arizona are designed for advanced/elite soccer players who’d like to spend a couple of weeks of the summer learning to play like FC Barcelona. Coaches come straight from La Masia youth academy in Barcelona to teach the students about the club’s famously successful methodology. The academy’s summer soccer camps are also the perfect opportunity to try out for the academy’s full-year program. Would you like to learn FC Barcelona’s secret formula for success?

Primary Summer Camp Programs

High-performance Program BOYS (ages 10 - 17)

A high-performance summer soccer camp for advanced/elite soccer players from 10-17 years old (boys only) who’d like to spend a couple weeks of the summer learning to play according to the famously successful methodology of FC Barcelona.

High-performance Program GIRLS (ages 10 - 17)

A high-performance summer soccer camp for advanced/elite soccer players from 10-17 years old (girls only) who’d like to spend a couple weeks of the summer learning to play according to the famously successful methodology of FC Barcelona. Click here for more girls training programs.

High-performance Program GOALKEEPERS (ages 10 - 17)

A high-performance summer soccer camp for advanced/elite goalkeepers from 10-17 years old (boys and girls) who’d like to spend a couple of weeks of the summer improving their skills in the goal. Click here for more goalkeeper training programs.

Other Programs at the FC Barcelona Soccer Academy in Arizona

High-performance Full-time Academy Programs

The academy is open all year round for their full-time students. Full-time students live, train, and study at the academy as they prepare to compete at a collegiate, semi-professional or professional level. For more information click here.

High-performance Winter Holiday Soccer Camps

For advanced soccer players (boys only) from 10-17 years old to improve their skills during their winter holiday break. Click here for more information.

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Academy / Club history

The FC Barcelona High-performance Academy is the result of a partnership between FC Barcelona, one of the greatest soccer clubs in the world, and the Grande Sports Academy of the United States Soccer Development Academy (USSDA). It’s the only full-time residential academy in the US partnered with a top international soccer club.

Since the Grande Sports Academy was established in 2010, they’ve celebrated incredible success. Every alumnus to pass through the academy has either earned a scholarship to compete on a US collegiate team or signed a professional contract. Their success has earned them a stellar reputation with collegiate coaches and professional coaches throughout the country. If you’d like to build your resume to further your soccer career in the US, the FC Barcelona High-performance Academy in Arizona is the right choice for you.


  • Skill level: Advanced/Elite
  • Other soccer education features: Same training regime as students at La Masia, Personal evaluation at the conclusion of camp
  • Students per training group: 16 - 20 students
  • Training language: Training is always in English (Some coaches speak Spanish)
  • Training intensity: 5/5

Training at the academy is entirely based on FC Barcelona’s highly successful methodology and philosophy. In fact, academy coaches come directly from La Masia to teach participants FC Barcelona’s secret formula for success. The High-performance Summer Soccer Camps at the academy present the perfect opportunity for young, talented soccer players to learn what makes the club so successful.

Summer camp participants work on their technique, game intelligence, and physical fitness and practice the same drills and methods as full-time students at La Masia. They practice on exceptionally well-kept grass fields and use the academy’s indoor training gym to work on technique during the hotter hours of the day. Coaches also organize didactic scrimmages to develop the participants’ game intelligence and help them see the field through the eyes of an FC Barcelona soccer player.

Some of the best players from all around the world attend the academy’s summer camps which means camp participants should expect to be challenged. After a couple of weeks of intensive training with FC Barcelona coaches alongside some of the country’s most talented young athletes, participants greatly improve their technique, vision, game intelligence, physical fitness, and speed of play.

Training Facilities

  • Training surface: Natural turf
  • Additional training facilities: Performance center (open space for training and gym equipment for physical conditioning), Hot and cold plunge pools, Physical therapy center, Professional caliber locker rooms
  • Quality of training facilities: 5/5

The training facilities at the FC Barcelona High-performance Academy are among the best in the country. In fact, US Soccer has named them the “Best training facilities” three years in a row. The participants practice on beautiful, well-groomed grass fields and make use of the academy’s 58,000 square foot state-of-the-art performance center for technical training and conditioning.


  • Licenses: A USSF (US Soccer Federation) Licence, UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) Pro License
  • Coaching experience: 8+ years coaching youth FC Barcelona teams at La Masia, 10+ years coaching America’s best youth teams
  • Playing experience: Professional playing experience
  • Languages: English and Spanish

The coaching staff at the FC Barcelona High-performance Academy includes both official US Soccer Development Academy (USSDA) coaches and official FC Barcelona coaches. The coaches affiliated with the USSDA have over 10 years of experience coaching America’s best youth soccer teams. The official FC Barcelona coaches have over 8 years of experience coaching youth teams at La Masia.

All coaches teach according to FC Barcelona’s methodology and philosophy. In fact, official club directors visit the academy twice a year to make sure the coaches are following the club’s guidelines.

Camp Schedule

The following schedule demonstrates a typical day at camp. The exact camp schedule will most likely vary from day to day.

Typical camp schedule

  • Schedule: 
  • 6:45 AM - 7:30 AM Dining Commons for breakfast
  • 7:30 AM Locker room to change for training
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM Field training - Creating/Occupation of space class
  • 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM Performance center for indoor training
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 AM Dining Commons for lunch
  • 1:30 AM Mandatory rest in assigned rooms
  • 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Performance center for soccer tennis
  • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Mandatory rest in assigned rooms
  • 5:30 PM Locker room to change for training
  • 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM Field training - Ball movement class
  • 8:00 PM Dining Commons for dinner
  • 9:00 PM Assigned rooms - Lights out
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  • Name of the facilities: Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort
  • Location (distance from training facilities): Adjacent to the fields (balcony view of training fields) - on the same campus
  • Types of rooms: Double (each with 2 queen beds) - 2 students per room
  • Bathrooms (private or shared): Private
  • Quality of accommodation: 5/5

The participants find accommodation at the Francisco Grande Hotel and Golf Resort - a nine-story, tower-style hotel located adjacent to the academy’s training fields and golf course.

During the academy’s high-performance summer soccer camps, the academy reserves a couple of floors exclusively for camp participants. They stay in comfortable and spacious double rooms which include two queen-size double beds, a flat-screen TV, closet space, and a beautiful private bathroom with marble countertops. Each room in the tower also has a spacious, inviting balcony with expansive views of the soccer fields, golf course, and Arizona mountains.

Common areas in the residence include the hotel lobby, an outdoor swimming pool (in the shape of a baseball bat), a restaurant and dining area, and various conference rooms.

While at camp, the participants enjoy nutritious and delicious buffet-style dining. All meals are specially prepared with young athletes in mind to make sure they get the energy they need to perform their best. The academy also accommodates various special menu options such as vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan, etc.


The academy’s location is one of it’s strongest assets in terms of safety. The campus is located 5 miles outside of the city of Casa Grande, and all of the facilities are located on the same campus. Participants walk to and from the residence and the soccer fields. In fact, they can see the training fields from their hotel room balcony.

The FC Barcelona High-performance Academy takes safety seriously. They employ 135 staff members (with required background checks) to look after the participants during their stay. Monitors perform room checks every night and call roll every morning so they know where the participants are at all times.

The academy also makes sure an athletic trainer and a physical therapist are on-site as the participants train. That way they can attend to injuries quickly. In the event of serious injury or illness, the nearest hospital is located just 8 miles away.

Prices and Dates

Duration (Weeks)F.C. Barcelona USA camp
Summer Soccer Camp
1 Week2332 $
2 Weeks4256 $
3 Weeks5660 $
4 Weeks7620 $
6 Weeks10624 $

These courses are subject to a registration fee of 130$.

Prices are shown in Dollars. Do you wish to see them in Euros? Change to EUR

Starting Dates

Summer Soccer Camp

06 June

Places available

13 June

Places available

20 June

Places available

27 June

Places available

04 July

Places available

11 July

Places available

18 July

Places available

Extra Services

You can purchase one of the extra services below at an additional cost.

    Anti-Covid Insurance - New for 2021!

    We have different insurance options with special anti-covid coverage, so you can insure your camp reservation according to your needs:

  • Secure Booking Insurance: we offer secure booking insurance which allows you to recover the cost of your reservation if you have to cancel the camp, before its start, for any cause (including border closure, quarantine, or any situation outside of camp)
  • Cancellation and Interruption Insurance: cancellation and interruption insurance allows you to recover your payment if you cancel or interrupt the camp for a justified cause (including illness from COVID-19 and 35 other causes)
  • Travel/Medical Insurance: with this insurance policy, you´ll be covered for medical assistance abroad and possible expenses caused by situations resulting from COVID-19, such as needing to extend your stay up to 40 days, as well as other general situations such as loss of luggage, unforeseen ticket changes, etc.

    Download the following PDF for more information about anti-covid coverage, the general terms & conditions, and prices of each insurance policy.

    Anti-Covid Insurance
    Transfer Service:

    There are two types of transfer services available that we´ll detail for you below:

  • Standard transfer service: the camp offers an optional transfer service for participants who request it from the nearest airport to the residence (or vice versa). Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices for this service.
  • Special transfer with additional unaccompanied minor service: participants who fly to camp alone and have contracted the unaccompanied minor service with their airline must hire this special transfer with accompaniment so that the child isn´t left alone in the airport. Check with Ertheo for schedules and prices of this service.

Contact Ertheo for prices and additional information.

  • Nearest airport / train station: 
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)

Transportation to the camp (flights/trains) is not included in the price of our programs.

Advice from Ertheo

This program presents the perfect opportunity for advanced/elite young soccer players to learn FC Barcelona’s secret formula for success. Coaches, monitors, and teachers expect the young soccer players in their programs to demonstrate respect, discipline, hard work, sportsmanship, and leadership and work hard to instill these values in the students. The academy is safe and professional and features state-of-the-art training facilities and accommodation. Are you looking for a stellar program and an inspiring experience to take your game to the next level? This program is for you.

This camp is for you if

  • You're a fan of FC Barcelona and want to learn more about their philosophy, methodology, and style of play
  • You're interested in attending a full-time program at the FC Barcelona High-performance Academy
  • You're ideal summer vacation would be playing soccer all day at what US Soccer calls "the best training facilities in the nation"
  • You train at an advanced level and are used to practicing at least three times a week

This camp is NOT for you if

  • You are not used to training for many hours a day and/or don't play at an advanced level
  • You have no interest in learning according to the methodology of FC Barcelona

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