Would you like to work as a monitor at a golf camp? We show you everything you need to know to achieve this.

Would you like to work as a monitor at a golf camp? We show you everything you need to know to achieve this.

The summer camps offer to all those young lovers of sport and leisure who want to spend a different vacation the perfect opportunity to work as monitors. These camps allow the monitors to enjoy new experiences together with other young people, while earning a salary and living a few weeks of entertainment and outdoor activities.

What requirements must be met to work as a monitor at a camp?

To work at the summer camps, whether sports camps or not, it is necessary to fulfill a series of minimum requirements:

  • It is necessary to have certification of leisure monitor, entertainment coordinator or some course of free time monitor or similar. In addition, according to the camp, other specific certifications that are tailored to their philosophy may be required. These courses can be done at many associations and public services, and have a duration of approximately 250-300 hours. Their contents cover camp regulations, first aid, information on children, healthy eating, leisure techniques and other topics, both theoretical and practical.
  • To access these courses, and therefore to become camp monitor you must be least 17 years old.
  • It is also necessary to have obtained, as a minimum, the ‘compulsory secondary education’ /high school degree or its equivalent.
  • In addition, if the camp is made outside of Spain, is directed to foreign children or simply wants children to communicate in a language other than Spanish, it will be necessary for the monitor to have a good language level. As a general rule, a good English level, B1 or higher, is required that will allow the monitors to communicate perfectly at all times with the children.

What are the main qualities that a summer camp monitor must have?

At the margin of all these requirements, to be a camp monitor it is necessary to have a personality and an open and tolerant way of being. It is necessary that the monitor to be extroverted, cheerful and motivated. It is also very important to be responsible, caring, and flexible, able to adapt to all kinds of setbacks and problems that may arise in the day to day. And, of course, they must like their job and allow themselves to be caught up by the spirit and the passion that the children put in each and every one of the activities they perform, always working to promote positive social values.

What functions should the monitors perform at the camps?

  • General monitors are responsible for planning, scheduling, and the safety of children, ensuring that they have everything they need during their stay at the camp. They take care of, supervise and are responsible for both the well-being of children and the majority of leisure and recreational activities that are performed. They plan the day to day, meals and accompany the children during their excursions and visits, ensuring their safety day and night.
  • In addition, at the sports camps we also find specific monitors, responsible to train and teach the basic rules of the sport that it is practiced in the camp, always complementing the higher level coaches. To access these jobs it is necessary to master the sport and have a certificate or diploma attesting that sporting level.

In both cases, regardless of whether it is general or specific monitor, the most important thing for a professional of this type is to facilitate communication between the children and enhance their integration and participation in all activities that occur in the camp, encouraging conviviality prosocial values, and making each child live the camp as a unique and unforgettable experience.

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