Training programs for soccer teams and summer tournaments

Training programs for soccer teams and summer tournaments

At Ertheo we offer training programs for soccer teams that may interest you. We offer two options in our professional soccer academies that may interest you and various European tournaments so you can live an unforgettable experience with your team as your train for the season. Below we explain what each program consists of:

Training Program For Teams

The training programs for soccer teams have several day packages lasting up to two weeks that combine professional academy soccer training, supervised by coaches, specialized in friendly team games with similar age groups and an entertainment program so you can enjoy the city with your team. Housing and food are also included as well as the transportation between the airport and the academy.

The academy is in charge of all the specifics so the team can concentrate on the training, the physical preparation and have fun with their teammates in order to get closer to one another and create a good team environment to improve comprehension on the field.

What positive issues can this program provide the team with?training programs for soccer teams ertheo

  • Get the team in shape for the season
  • Improve the team´s technical and tactical deficiencies
  • Continue learning tips from true professionals
  • Develop teamwork in the training sessions as well as during the entertainment program
  • Play matches against other teams to put what is learned into practice during the program

What options can I choose from?

In Spain we offer two training team academies.


The European League team champion was the Sevilla Club de Fútbol, which provides male and female teams a program for ages 6 to 23. The main features for this program are:


The program includes between 15 and 18 hours of training a week following the same training methods of the Sevilla FC, with specialized personnel who works with the team to find new technical resources and improve their physical and mental skills. For an additional cost, the Sevilla CF provides teams the opportunity to add language classes and tickets to watch the Sevilla League or the Champions League.  The training sessions are given in both languages to make sure everyone understands the most important concepts.

Other characteristics of the program are:

  • 1 Sevilla FC coach for each 10 players
  • Specific training for goalkeepers
  • Friendly game against the Sevilla FC (SFC team with the same level and sixth)
  • A free leader/team coach for 12 players
Housing and Sports Facilities

Training takes place in the Sevilla FC sports city, located just outside of the city in the Ultrera road. The team stays at the university housing in Sevilla, in double or triple rooms and is supervised personally 24 hours a day.

The program includes full room and board so the team has breakfast, lunch and dinner at the residence daily. This brings the team together so they can improve their competition level and advance their level of play.

Entertaining activities

The best way to create a good team environment is to also have fun so the team can get closer and this reflects on the field. The Sevilla soccer academy provides several field trips, one is for half a day and the other is for a full day as the team tours the Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium, museum and official Sevilla FC store as well as take in a cultural tour of Sevilla on bicycles.

What does the program include?
  • Training sessions
  • Full room and board
  • Transfers to the airport
  • Necessary transportation for the development of the program
  • Official Sevilla FC t-shirt
  • A field trip t-shirt and backpack.
Available dates

The academy is available all year long (except for the month of August). It´s necessary to reserve the program 3 months before the commencement date. If you are interested in training at the Sevilla FC team academy, please contact us and ask us whatever questions you may have.


This academy offers closed packages from 3 up to 14 days where your team can participate in a unique experience in the modern and cosmopolitan city of programs for soccer teams ertheo

This academy is located in Cornella and the program is for soccer 7 or soccer 11 (from anywhere in the world) for both female teams and young kids up to the age of 18 who need a package including entertainment, full board and free time activities.

Everything is organized for the team in Barcelona, including transportation to the academy from the airport, training sessions, friendly games, entertainment activities and full room and board during their stay.


Depending on the amount of days chosen for the program, the amount of activities vary, but in general the entertainment program includes:

  • Training sessions (physical, tactical and technical)
  • Friendly games
  • Video analysis
  • Sport lectures
  • Visit the Cornella and lower level training sessions
  • Access to the pool, gymnasium and the spa at the academy

The academy has student housing in Cornella for the team where they also eat every day in order to concentrate on improving and increasing their competitive level.

Entertainment Activities

Depending on the selected program, more or less entertainment activities are offered. Some of them can be:

  • Visit Camp Nou and the Barcelona museum
  • Shopping in Barcelona
  • Visit tourist attractions in Barcelona
What´s included in the program?
  • Training
  • Full room and board
  • Transfers to the airport
  • Entertainment activities
  • Friendly games
  • Video analysis sessions

Soccer tournaments for European teams

Each summer a multitude of Tournaments are held for different age groups, nationalities and levels. Participants have a unique opportunity to prepare for the season and have a wonderful experience with their friends as they compete against teams from different parts of the world during the best soccer events in the summer. In a previous post of our blog, we shared the advantages of participating in soccer tournaments, and these events offer an enrichment experience for kids.

We offer different types of services:

  • Tournaments in different parts of the world that last several days
  • Combination of tournaments: to travel with your team and participate in several European tournaments
  • Entertainment program + tournament: you can train one or several weeks at the professional soccer academy and later participate in some of the international tournaments taking place during the summer.

Below we explain all the available options in detail for different European destinations.


There are several tournaments taking place during the summer in Spain:

Costa del Sol Tournament

Location: Marbella and Estepona

Ages: boys born between 2000 and 2007 and girls born between 1998 and 2000 (soccer teams 11 and F7 depending on the ages of the participants)

Housing: 3* and 4* Hotels in Marbella and Estepona (3 to 5 people per room)

Requirements: soccer clubs affiliated with the FIFA and affiliated soccer schools

Costa Dorada Tournament

Location: Cambrils and Salou

Ages: boys and girls from 9 to 18 years (Soccer teams 7, 8 and 11 depending on the age)

Housing: 3* or 4* Hotel in Salou

Requirements: free participating tournaments

Costa Blanca Tournamenttraining programs for soccer teams ertheo

Location: Benidorm and Valencia

Ages: boys and girls from 9 to 18 years (Soccer teams 7, 8 and 11 depending on the age)

Housing: 3* or 4* Hotel, bungalows or student housing

Requirements: free participating tournaments


Lisbon Tournament

Location: Estoril

Ages: boys born between 2000 and 2007 and girls between 1998 and 2000 (soccer teams 11 and F7 depending on the age of the participants)

Housing: 3* or 4* Hotel, bungalows or schools

Requirements: soccer clubs affiliated with the FIFA and affiliated soccer schools


London International Festival

Location: Brunel (40 minutes from London)

Ages: boys between 11 and 19 years

Housing: University of Brunel Student Housing (single rooms with private bathroom)

Requirements: federated players

Nottingham Cup

Location: Nottingham University

Ages: players born between 1997 and 2004

Housing: student housing at the Nottingham University

Requirements: federated players on a semi-professional team or professionals


Hjørring Tournament

Location: Hjørring

Ages: boys born between 1997 and 2005 and girls between 1997 and 2004

Housing: Hjørring School on mattresses or sleeping bags

Requirements: free participating tournaments


Gothenburg Tournament

Location: Gothenburg

Ages: boys born between 1998 and 2005, girls born between 1998 and 2004

Housing: two options to choose from: school or hotel

Requirements: soccer clubs affiliated with the FIFA and affiliated soccer schools


It is also possible to combine previous services and participate in several tournaments or combine a week of training in one professional academy and later attend one of the tournaments taking place in Spain.

These combinations include transportation from tournament to tournament and the academy as well as the extra hotel stays, should they be needed. You can also request extra services such as entertainment activities or field trips to visit the city during your free time as you participate in these sports events.

Available possible combinations to choose from:

  • Costa del Sol Tournament + Lisbon Tournament
  • Costa Dorada Tournament + Costa Blanca
  • Scandinavia Tournament Tour: Sweden Tournament + Denmark Tournament
  • England Tournament Tour: Nottingham Tournament + London Tournament
  • Denmark Tournament Tour – England
  • 1 week of Training at the Sevilla Academy + Costa del Sol Tournament
  • 1 week of Training at the Barcelona Academy + Costa Dorada Tournament / Costa Blanca

During the summer you and your team have a wide variety of activities to choose from to continue improving and better prepare yourselves for next season.

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