Summer tennis camps. Suggestions so you choose the right one

Summer tennis camps. Suggestions so you choose the right one

A number of summer tennis camps are available for your kids so they are hard to choose from unless you know what you want. At Ertheo we offer various options to choose from in Spain and abroad and each camp has advantages which makes them different from the rest.

We suggest the ones in Spain and those abroad since all of them offer great facilities and high quality training. You must choose if you want your kids to do something other than train and that is why we are here to help you find the right summer tennis camp and offer suggestions to choose the best one.

Before anything else, you need to choose a camp that offers English classes or just sport training. Logically, a tennis camp abroad provides language courses to bring colleagues and instructors together that speak English. Despite of this, Spain also offers camps with languages for all levels where kids can advance in their English classes.

Tennis camps in Spain

We offer seven prestigious summer tennis camps in Spain.

Bruguera Tennis Academy (Includes English or Spanish classes)

This camp is actually a high intensity camp founded by Luis Bruguera, the father of the ex-tennis player Sergi Bruguera, who both had a terrific tennis career. The camp is for students ages 11 to 23 and includes Spanish or English classesMore information about the Bruguera Tennis Academy here.

Camp Rialp Andorra (Includes English or Spanish classes)

This camp focuses on having fun and is quite entertaining, although the training is very good. The headquarters is surrounded by the nature of Andorra where boys and girls from ages 8 to 16 enjoy tennis activities as well as English or Spanish classes. More information about the Camp Rialp Andorra here.summer tennis camps ertheo

Tennis Ferrer Academy – Benidorm (Includes English or Spanish classes)

The Ferrer tennis academy organizes summer camps for boys and girls from ages 8 to 13. Ex-tennis player Javier Ferrer opened this academy, the brother of one of the most famous Spanish tennis players around, David Ferrer. The campus program combines entertainment activities with hours of training and English or French classesMore information about the Ferrer Tennis Academy. 

CRT Tennis Academy – Gerona (Optional English or Spanish classes)

The Catalunya Tennis Resort academy offers a camp during the summer months to players between the ages of 10 and 20 (kids from age 8 and above are accepted as long as they participate in the camp with an older sibling, friend or family member). Students can attend optional Spanish or English classes. More information about the CRT Tennis Academy here.

Sotogrande (Includes English classes)

This summer tennis camp takes place in Sotogrande, a location that offers more than just sports. The campus is for kids ages 8 and 16 with 3 hours of English classes a day. More information about the tennis camp in Sotogrande here.

Tennis Camps Abroad

As we mentioned above, we also offer summer tennis camps in other countries since some kids wish to experience a camp outside of Spain and in a different environment. We have camps in the United States, England, France or Ireland available in our catalogue.


Berlitz (Includes English classes)

This summer camp is managed by the famous sports academy Berlitz. This camp is offered to kids ages 8 and 17 and no previous tennis experience is needed. Berlitz combines sports activities with different English learning programs. More information about the Berlitz tennis camp here. 

summer tennis camps ertheoNike Tennis Camps (Include English classes)

CMT Learning organizes the Nike summer tennis camp for boys and girls ages 10 and 17. This campus offers the option to choose from high intensity training focused on professional tennis and development classes (for beginners). The campus program offers 12 hours of English classes a week including a complete immersion of the language since it takes place in England. More information about the Nike Tennis Camps here.

Exsportise (Includes English classes)

The Exsportise camp is reserved for kids ages 10 to 16. Students can choose between the general program (with tennis and English) or the intensive program (focused exclusively on tennis). More information about the Exsportise summer camp here.

United States

IMG Florida (Includes English classes)

The IMG academy has a sports complex making it one of the best academies in the world. The tennis camp is for kids ages 8 to 19 that wish to enjoy a sports camp with premier facilities. The training sessions are combined with English classes taught by American teachers who offer advanced learning English classes. More information about IMG Florida here. 


Mouratoglou France (Includes English or French classes)

The Mouratoglou tennis academy is a school for leaders in the sport and has a European level. Throughout its 17-year history, Mouratoglou has trained great tennis players such as Elina Svitolina, Jelena Dokic and Alexandre Lacroix. This campus is available to boys and girls between the ages of 8 and 18 years and the camp program includes half an hour of English or French classes a day. More information about the Mouratoglou camp in France here.

After learning about all the tennis camps available the time has come for you to decide which one is the right for your kids. This is a complicated task since you probably like more than one with similar characteristics and don´t know which one to choose.

To find out and compare the characteristics of all summer tennis camps it´s important to choose the one that best adapts to the needs and objectives of your children. At Ertheo we believe it´s important to focus on certain features that make a difference. You should ask your kids what they want. We know that sending your kids to a campus they don´t like and where they won´t have fun can make the experience unbearable. Below we offer 5 keys that can help you choose the best campus for your kids:

1. Level of tennis training intensity

This section is extremely important when the level of play of your kids is medium to high. All the camps offer programs for all levels so kids who have a low to medium level are covered but when the level of play is high, perhaps the best option is to choose a high intensity summer tennis campsummer tennis camps ertheo

Standard tennis camps usually have 15 hours of training a week and the rest of the day is spent on other intensive entertaining activities.

2. English classes in summer tennis camps

This is another basic block of the camp. You should take a look at the hours of weekly classes offered and the levels of English classes available. All the camps accept boys and girls with any level of English, but there is one recommended course for kids with high English levels (ISSOS).

3. The quality of the facilities

Another important factor is the quality of the facilities when you choose where to send your kids. All the camps choose excellent first class facilities where activities take place, but certain aspects should be considered so you know how to differentiate certain options from others as for example:

  • Number of kids per room: some camps house kids in single rooms while others have kids share a room similar to a summer camp environment.
  • Housing location/classes/training: Some camps take place in the same location and others where kids have to travel daily.

4. Group division at the summer tennis camps

The level of classes during the stay of your kids depends a lot on the group division and that is how we know how well your kids are treated daily. The most important factor to consider is:

  • How the training groups are divided: how many kids are in each tennis group and how these groups are divided (by age, level of play or both).
  • Division of English classes: compare the size of the English groups and if they are divided by age and levels or one of these parameters.
  • Ratio instructors/students: how many instructors are in charge of the kids to help them. Generally the ratio is 1:15 (one instructor for 15 kids).

5. The added value to the tennis camp

Lastly, you should consider other services available at all summer tennis camps, such as the field trips, complementary activities or materials used by the students. For example, some campuses provide sports clothing and others include the transfer service in the price. Other aspects that can also be included are laundry service or the English certificate at the end of the campus or the menu.

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