Behind the lines: Soccer representative

Behind the lines: Soccer representative

Your kid is quite possibly a soccer fan who wishes to be a great player, just like the majority of kids his age. That is why this is considered the most popular sport in our country. The problem is that this is a dream that very few reach.

The good thing is that there are many ways to be linked to this passionate world since the possibilities are many: coach, doctor, physical therapist, representative …

A profession that has been booming for the last years is the soccer representative based on what we have discussed with Samuel Gómez Jurado, a young adult from Sevilla who has begun his path in the business soccer world.

His first client came from a family member

His first professional soccer athlete came to him by coincidence through a cousin of his who introduced him to Álvaro Romero (@Varo7r), age 16 who played on a Sevilla team.

Since he studied law, the introduction worked perfectly for him and he began to advise him outside the playing field.

Spending on football transfers 2016-2017

(Millons €)

Premier League
Serie A Italy
Bundesliga Germany
Spanish League

Humble recruits in search of improving their game

From then on, it became a learning curve for Samuel who didn’t have any experience in this field. Next to him, Romero climbed the ladder category until he reached the 2nd Division B where he plays today (in the Arenas de Getxo).

Thanks to that experience he was able to widen his representative portfolio with two soccer players: Fran Díaz (who played for the Betis B and today for the UB Lebrijana) and Pablo Manzanares (who plays for the Getafe).

All of them have a common denominator for Samuel: the right attitude. They are young adults interested in improving their game all the way around: fame, parties and privileges …

Work out of the playing field

Samuel insists that working as a representative is much more than just paperwork and economic negotiations, it also entails “practically everything that has to do with not kicking the ball”.

This includes finding the right people for whatever is needed “after the referee calls the end of the game”. Helping them to combine their studies with their sports career, avoid them from feeling lonely and ensure their well being in general.

The great advantage: “Being your own boss”

The best thing about being a representative, assures Gómez is “to be able to work on your own and be your own boss”. In addition, this gives you freedom to move and be able to manage the majority of issues from a distance.

In fact, he actually lives in Manchester, England. Skype and Facetime are his greatest allies. Another fundamental ally for him is the professional LinkedIn network that he is constantly connected to.

However he assures that he is aware that “this type of work is not well seen by society” and “generates certain distrust”.

  • A soccer representative

    Jorge Méndez, who has reached the top.

  • A player

    Cristiano Ronaldo, for his hard work and consistency.

  • A word of advice

    Don´t look for fame and money in a few day. You must be passionate about soccer no matter what . To do something you love must be the primary motivation.

If you want to work as a professional intermediary, you must demonstrate you can keep up with the market.

The RFEF continues to control those individuals who want to sign up as intermediaries, and within the requested requirements one needs experience within the sport or demonstrated knowledge about the work.

Although one need not have experience, a specific course can come in handy to get up to speed on technical knowledge and that can serve to accredit some type of education for this profession.

Requirements to be a representative

  • Be like parents to a soccer player
  • Be like a wife to a soccer player
  • Have a degree in Law

The RFEF: Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Spanish Soccer Federation) offers an advanced University Course in Sports Management FIFA/CIES: in the latest course it offers sports managers of our country essential working tools in varied fields such as communication, law, finance, management, coordinating sports events, sponsorships and marketing.

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