Making sacrifices to be a professional soccer player

If you want to become a professional football player, you’re not alone. Many young soccer players all around the world dream about playing professionally. However, not everyone can make it to the top. Competition is intense, and only the most dedicated players get to play professionally. So, what does it mean to be dedicated? Dedicated players recognize that to achieve their goals, they’ll have to make sacrifices. That being said, it’s a good idea to get to know the kinds of sacrifices you’ll have to make. That way, when it comes time to make them, you remember that these sacrifices [...]

Best High-performance Summer Football Camps | Ertheo Sports Programs

All high-performance summer football camps feature intensive training for advanced players who want to take their skills to the next level. Read more about high-performance camps and compare your options below: Barcelona High-performance Academy – High-performance summer football camp Valencia High-performance Academy – FC Porto High-performance summer football camp England High-performance Academy – High-performance summer football camp FC Barcelona USA High-performance Academy – High-performance summer football camp Help choosing a camp and Parent GuidesHelp Choosing - Compare your options PDF One of the greatest differences bteween high-performance summer football camps and standard camps is the students’ skills on the pitch. In high-performance summer football camps, [...]

How to obtain substantial discounts in the best football camps

[one_full last=”yes” spacing=”yes” center_content=”no” hide_on_mobile=”no” background_color=”” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” background_position=”left top” border_position=”all” border_size=”0px” border_color=”” border_style=”” padding=”” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=”” animation_type=”” animation_direction=”” animation_speed=”0.1″ class=”” id=””][fusion_text]For many families it is very expensive to send a son or daughter to a residential football camp, especially if it’s a camp in another country, with the additional cost of travel to be added to the price. There’s a substantial difference in the prices between the different football camps that we offer (see the article ‘Why is there so much difference in price between one camp and another?’). The most economical camps start at 1,200-1,400 Euros for two weeks and, [...]

High-performance Tennis Camps | Ertheo Education & Sports

Many tennis academies offer high-performance tennis camps during the summer which feature professional, advanced training and competitive, friendly match play. These camps are specially designed for dedicated young tennis players who are serious about improving their skills. Every detail of training matters at high-performance tennis academies. Tennis courts and balls are kept in excellent condition. Coaches are well-qualified and have experience training young, talented players. In addition to high-performance summer camps, these academies also offer full-year programs. Full-time students live at the academies and study either at a distance or in nearby schools. In their free time, they train to compete [...]

How Soccer can Help Develop and Improve Your Child’s Personality

[fusion_text]Are you seeing a future Lionel Messi or David Beckham in your child? If yes, you must give a thought to send him to the season’s soccer camp. Doing so will help your child hone his player’s instincts and grow up as a healthy individual. Soccer continues to evolve as a favorite sport all over the world and that has resulted in the increased demand for specialized soccer training programs. Your child can be a part of any of the summer camps and anual soccer schools conducted by mayor soccer clubs and elite soccer academies that helps them to learn [...]

Type of tennis courts and their influence on ball bounce & speed

The U.S. Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open are some of the most important tennis tournaments in the world, and each one features different types of tennis courts. At the U.S. Open, players compete in hard courts. At Wimbledon, they play on grass, and at the French Open, they play on clay. These types of tennis courts affect the speed and style of play, and some court surfaces are better suited to certain styles than others.  Rafa Nadal is considered “the king of clay,” for example, while Roger Federer is “unbeatable in grass.” The type of tennis court can [...]

What is the ideal age for children to begin playing tennis?

Tennis is one of the most followed and practiced sports throughout the world, and every day there are more children who want to follow the footsteps of great players like Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer and become the new number 1 on the ATP. But this sport has not only achieved its reputation thanks to its great players, but it has also achieved it due to the myriad of physical and psychological benefits that its practice brings. Training regularly improves the physical condition, develops musculature, the capacity for attention, motor coordination and even encourages socialization. Parents know all these benefits but [...]