Keys to becoming a professional sports person

Keys to becoming a professional sports person

Many sport lovers, wether they are kids, youngsters or grown ups, dream of becoming professional atlethes one day. To achieve this it is necessary to fulfill certain requisites to be able to reach an excellent game level and also be willing to sacrifice certain things that are difficult for certain kids.

Start practicing the chosen sport as soon as possible

To become a professional player it is basic to follow a rigorous training from a very young age. The majority of players who become professionals begun practicing at an earlyage, and with 5 or 6 years they already were attending classes. Making contact with football, tennis, bascket or golf at a very young age allows the player be at the same level as his/her rivals, gain experience and find his/her own style. Each year that passes without training, the higher the gaps that separate them from their opponents in the same age.

Train many hours a week

A good technical level is necessary to stand out and to compete at a good level in all sports. To reach the standards of a professional atlethe it is necessary to employ many hours of practice every week. Continuity and consistence are basic in any training, as well as a good profesional advice.

A very good psychological preparation

To reach the highest in the sports world it is necessary to have great endurance and patience. Not everythings is perfect, and there will always be bad days in which the younsters will want to leave it all, but there will be perfect days too that will encourage them to keep on fighting and following their path.  It is important to be able to manage the emotions, to maintain the concentration and not be disturbed by your own feelings or by external stimuli. The frustration and anger only lead to making more mistakes and getting worse swings.

Para llegar a lo más alto es necesario tener mucha constancia y paciencia. En todas las disciplinas no todo es perfecto, siempre habrá días malos en los que los jóvenes querrán dejarlo todo, pero también tendrán días perfectos que les animarán a luchar y seguir su camino. Es importante saber manejar las emociones, mantener la concentración y no perturbarse por los propios sentimientos o por estímulos exteriores. La frustración y el enfado sólo llevan a cometer más errores y no confiar en las posibilidades propias, algo que puede merma mucho la personalidad de los jugadores.

Give up many things

Competing in the world of high-level sport means to abandon a series of things that other people enjoy with total normality. The continuous travel to tournaments, strict sports diets and the demanding schedule of weekly trainings prevent the professional players from being able to enjoy certain pleasures of daily life, such as spending time with family, going out and party with friends or being able to eat all kinds of food.

Not all get to become professionals

Although there are many who dream about it, the majority of children who want to engage in sports in a professional manner do not quite make it. The great demand and dedication that the elite sport requires becomes, in the majority of occasions, something incompatible with a normal rhythm of life. For many others who are able to live off sport, the first posts of the world classification still remain very far, although they get to fully dedicate themselves to the world of sport.

When you start a sports career the most important thing is to feel the gratification in the small progress and enjoy playing without tracing some unreachable goals. The natural talent, a hard training and a psychological and personal preparation will make the sporting successes arrive with the passing of the years.

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