How to join a Federation in order to play golf and what is the price

How to join a Federation in order to play golf and what is the price

Why is it necessary to get a child to join a federation before he/she can enjoy a golf camp?

For many parents it may seem odd that the majority of golf camps require its participants be federated in the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (Real Spanish Golf Federation Real Federación Española de Golf), but the reality is that obtaining this license is a mandatory step for anyone wishing to play on a golf course, both to compete as on a personal level.

Therefore, joining the federation is the first step that must be performed by any person who wants to play golf in open courses in an optimal fashion and with security guarantees.

Although at first glance it may seem a rather unique requirement which does not occur in other sports, when you think about it in more detail you can understand the logic of this process.

Golf is a sport that uses clubs and balls of great hardness that can be quite dangerous and cause damage to facilities and people if their trajectories are not controlled well. Thanks to this RFEG license all players are covered with a civil liability insurance in case of possible accidents that may occur during the practice of golf.

On the other hand, the high cost of maintenance of the courses and the golf facilities makes it necessary that all the players who go out and play to the holes have a minimum of knowledge about this sport, of how to respect the course and how to get around it without causing damage.

That is why the more inexperienced players, prior to entering a golf course, must practice their swings at courts where there is no danger to other players or where they can cause damage to the course.

How to get a license from the RFEG?

camp15_0There are several ways to federate that depend on whether the player is a partner in a golf club or not. In the case of those belonging to a club, the player may submit directly at the club the license application form duly completed, and the club will be responsible for making this request to the Federation.

Players who do not belong to any club can submit this form at the Golf Federation of their autonomous community. This form can be downloaded from the web page of the Federation and must be presented in person or by email at the Federation offices along with the identification document and the bank account number where you want pay the annual fee with.

After processing the application and in a period of 10 days the RFEG is responsible sending to the player by mail the federation card bearing the name of the player, the number of license and the club or territory to which it belongs.


How much does the RFEG license cost and what is its validyt?  

Federating in the RFEG has an annual cost that varies depending on the category of the player and the autonomous community. In most communities the prices are as follows:

  • Pee-wee, Beginner and child (up to 14 years): 15.90 €
  • Cadet (15-16 years): €23.30
  • Junior (17-21): 31.90 €

From 21 years and up the fee varies based on whether you have a handicap (74.60 €) if you do not have one (63.90 €) or if you are professional (74.60 € ).  In addition, players who wish to federate in communities such as Catalonia, the Canaries, Beleares, Valencia and Castilla La Mancha will be required to pay an additional fee to their regional federations, approximately 10€ up to the junior category and 18€ in the higher categories.

The validity of this license is for one calendar year (January to December) and the renewal is done automatically at the beginning of the year after they payment of the fee is made in the bank account. In addition, the RFEG license covers the practice of player in both the Spanish courses as well as at any field from abroad.


Can the license be obtained at any time of the year?

The license applications are open all year round therefore it is possible to get one quickly and easily regardless of the season.

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