Golf and English. Camps to improve the language

Golf and English. Camps to improve the language

During the summer, kids usually want to attend camp to enjoy doing something they like, such as sports, but parents also want them to enjoy this time and study to reinforce their knowledge. Golf is one of the most requested sports during the summer and here are the options to choose a golf and English camp in order to satisfy both the parents and their kids.

With this idea in mind, at Ertheo we would like to help you chose a golf and English camp best suited for your boy or girl and what aspects you should take a look at in order to choose the right one.

Programs adapted for each level

Golf is a difficult sport that needs many hours of training in order to reach an acceptable level, and you can find camps that adapt to each level of play. To learn which one to choose from, you must take a look at what types of programs are offered at each campus in order to find out what realistic options are available depending on the level of play your kids have.

golf and english ertheoAs usual, we suggest you ask for your kids opinion, and try to avoid choosing on your own and not end up asking your kids if they really want to attend the camp you have already chosen for them. The programs in England offer students an English speaking environment so it´s very important to know if your kids can defend themselves in these types of camps. So you should choose with criteria and make sure your kids attend a camp fit for their English level.

The handicap of the kids is important, since some camps base their selection criteria on this, but usually camps that offer high intensity training focus on this aspect.

English classes with native professors

English classes at camps are usually given by native professors and in the majority of cases these belong to specialized language schools. Something else these camps share is the division of groups depending on the level test given to all the students once they arrive at camp, giving a more specialized attention to each participant.

To obtain a more complete course, classes cover important subjects such as vocabulary, grammar, conversation, reading and comprehension. As far as time, all programs usually offer between 10 to 15 hours a week, although some can vary and offer more or less time. Lessons are focused on written exercises and games or debates about golf so kids have fun while they learn. This way they pay attention and participate and don´t take the classes as an obligation.

Thanks to the total immersion students experience at the golf camps with English, boys and girls discover a different language perspective than they receive at traditional schools, another positive benefit of these programs. At the end of the camp, students are given a diploma with the level of English they reached in class.

Specifically, you should take a look at these four points when you consider how the English classes are at a camp:

  • The hours of class included in the program.
  • If the professors are native.
  • How kids are grouped in each class (if they take a level test or they are divided by age groups).
  • How many students are in each class.

Multiculturalism and quality facilities

One of the most interesting factors of a golf and English camp is the existing multicultural environment in all of them. Kids from all parts of the world attend to learn golf and meet new people from other countries so they can practice their English and this provides a terrific environment in these types of and english ertheo

Another important factor to consider are the facilities offered at camps. Outside of England and the United States, we can find camps that have English classes, but the linguistic immersion is not the same because the daily activities and the training are not in English. What is most recommended to really learn English is to choose a program with two concrete characteristics:

  • English activities: training, recreational activities, field trips, etc.
  • Variety of nationalities so kids communicate with each other in English (or the number of Spanish speakers is reduced).

Recreational and varied activities

At the golf and English camps there is also time for a variety of recreational activities both in and out of the facilities. The organizers usually provide many events at night with costume parties, karaoke, magic acts or games.

The field trips to nearby places are usually quite frequent at the camps: visits to city monuments, getaways to be in contact with nature, etc. A summer at a golf and English camp can become an experience filled with opportunity and experiences to remember.

To help you a bit more, even after showing you the most important aspects, let´s take a look at the golf and English camps we offer in the United Kingdom and the United States, both are English speaking countries.

Golf and English Camps in the United Kingdom

ISSOS St. Andrews

ISSOS St Andrews is located in the birthplace of golf, Scotland, and offers a golf and English camp for kids ages 13 to 18. In addition to the training, this program includes 15 hours of English classes for all levels and offers multiple activities to visit the area. The ISSOS camp usually lasts three weeks and includes 12 hours of training a week.


golf and english ertheoThe Exportise camp focuses more on English classes and students attend 15 hours of classes a week. As far as the age is concerned, this camp accepts boys and girls ages 10 to 16, training is usually 15 hours a week and courses are available for all golf levels. The standard camp (for kids ages 10 to 16) is for younger kids who are either beginners or have an advanced intermediate level and for those who wish to focus more on golf. For kids ages 12 to 16, the Academy and the Pro golf Academy is available (only for those who have a 20 or lower handicap).

Elite Golf Academy

The Elite Golf Academy camp works with the Berlitz academy, one of the most prestigious in the world, and organizes their English classes. This summer camp is located in Petersham (London) and offers three types of programs for boys and girls ages 9 to 17:

Golf + English: 12 hours of golf training + 15 English classes per week. For boys and girls who are beginners to intermediate.

Elite Golf + English: 12 hours of training + 15 English classes a week. For boys and girls with an advanced level (golf players with a handicap).

Parents & Kids: English program (with or without golf classes) + housing & golf Camp for kids (standard or elite).

This campus is located in the Richmond Golf Club and students stay at the University of Roehampton student housing in single rooms with shared bathrooms.

Emerald Dublin

This golf and English camp in Emerald with golf headquarters in Leopardsdown, offers participants 10 hours of training a week with high quality experienced instructors. During their stay, kids attend 3 hours of English classes a day and stay at the housing facilities in Dublin. One interesting characteristic of this camp is the group activities that are organized to make English classes more enjoyable and the diplomas students get once the camp ends.

Golf and English camps in the United States


The high intensity sports complex IMG is located in the campus of Brentford, Florida, where golf programs are available for all levels. IMG is known worldwide for its level of coaches and for the facilities offered to students while they stay there. The facilities include a stadium for 5,000 people, complete residences and a state of the art sports complex such as gymnasium, tennis courts or and english ertheo

The coaches at the IMG golf camp organize a training program so students develop their technique as well as their physical capacity, although for those who need sessions that focus more on the professional aspect of the game, they can choose the “Total Athlete” program where they get one more hour of class focused on disciplines such as nutrition and mental resistance. IMG has a modern measuring system called “V1 Pro Video” software that analyzes the technique and game style of each student in order to correct possible execution mistakes.

To combine training with English classes, IMG offers two options to choose from, one to learn English as a second language (ESL) and the other is to prepare for the TOEFL exams, this last option is for boys and girls ages 15 to 18.

Golf and English in Spain

We also have golf and English camps in Spain that can be a good option, although they don´t offer the same linguistic immersion as the programs offered in English speaking countries. The golf camps in Spain with language classes are:

Now it´s your turn to choose the right camp for your kids, although we assure you that all our camps offer great training sessions and entertaining English classes so kids have fun. And as usual, if you have any questions, please contact us so we can help you.

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