Golf exercises and equipment for children

Golf exercises and equipment for children

Golf is one of the few sports that does not require a special physical condition to practice it. That is why any child can become one of the greats of this sport and emulate their idols such as Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson. Usually, the little ones who dream to be great golfers, begin their instruction at the age of six. It is advisable that receive classes with other children their age, because well they will go to them more motivated and develop much better the skills that are needed for this sport, as is coordination.

Keys to get children started on the golf course

In order to teach a child to play great golf, lots of technique, patience and perseverance are needed. Because it is a sport that is practiced individually, it is normal that the children do not feel very attracted to it the at the beginning. But once they see others of their same age or level trying to hitting the ball, will make them a lot more motivated. Below you’ll find some exercises that can be practiced by the children according to the level that they have.

Exercises to learn how to direct the ball

One of the main aspects that a child must learn when playing golf is to manage the direction of the ball and so that it goes where he really wants it to go. We propose you draw a line from a short distance toward the hole and that the children attempt to keep the ball within this line as much as possible. This way they will learn how to handle the golf club and the direction of the ball. The exercise can also be performed by children of more advanced levels, although in that case the distance must be larger.

Concentration exercises

In golf, the mental concentration of the student is also quite important, so therefore before or after having practiced the shot on the green, the children should get started in the practice of pilates, as it is a sport that improves concentration. You could teach them to perform a few breathing exercises to learn to channel their energy. In addition, you can leave a typical pilates ball so that lying on top of it they can bring the legs up to the belly area. It is a way to improve the physical condition in their legs, so necessary for the practice of golf.

Exercises for children with intermediate level

For children who already have a medium level of golf, we propose an exercise of battle on the course, that is, two players are put in the same exit line and hit the ball. The second launch will be conducted from the same position that the ball has reached. Whoever gets the ball in the hole first wins. With this exercise they will learn how to handle the ball with force.

Another exercise to encourage children to strive to the best advantage is what is called ‘fight opposite’.  Is that each time that the two players hit the ball, instead of going back to pull from their ball, they will do so from the companion, so that this will have to improve the draft of another child.

Exercises for children with advanced level

In terms of the children who already have several years playing golf and who have an advanced level, there is nothing better than escaping the routine to settle basic knowledge. Take them to a mini golf course, where each hole is a different adventure. Try to get them to get the ball in the hole at each one in less than five strokes.

On the other hand, you can put several balls in a circle around one of the holes and make them practice different types of shots and that they try to put all the balls in the hole. You’ll see how they will have fun and how they will learn to perfect their golf swings based on repetition.

Now that we have spoken about how to initiate a kid on golf, we already know that it is important that they have the right equipment for their age. Adult or women clubs should not be used, since they are not tailored to a child’s height or musculature. There are golf clubs designed for young players from 3 years up to 16, recommended for ages 3-5 years up to 14-16.

Their design, composition and lightness is perfectly designed to suit the musculature and strength of the children. Normally these clubs are sold by sets which include several models of clubs, for example a driver, a hybrid, a 7 iron and a 9 iron. These sets are ideal for the beginners to this sport who must learn to use several models before deciding which best suits their style.

In choosing the perfect set of clubs, it is recommended to take into account, in addition to age – the height of the child and consult the measuring table from the manufacturer. In general, it is preferable to select clubs a little longer than the height of the child would need, as the children grow very fast and otherwise have to be replaced in a very short time. Although clubs that are too long should never be chosen, since these can produce a exaggerated balance in the swing of the ball and cause injuries in the child’s hands and back.

In addition to buying the appropriate clubs, it is also recommended that children use golf shoes specially designed for them, that will allow them to move with every comfort through the course and to avoid injury and pain in their feet.

To complete the equipment of a junior golfer there is nothing better than buying a tripod bag for transporting the equipment and a hand cart specially designed for the smaller sportsmen of the course.

Golf is practiced by amateurs of all ages, its special features make it a sport that can be practiced since very little up until a very advanced age. What are you waiting for to get your child started in this wonderful world?

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