Do you want to become a tennis coach? – We will explain to you how to do it!

Do you want to become a tennis coach? – We will explain to you how to do it!

If you love the world of tennis and you want to convey that passion to others, the best way to do this is to become licensed as technical tennis trainer and getting to live off your hobby. Currently, there are several certifications, taught by the Real Federación Española de Tenis (RFET), that are accredit those who take them to teach tennis classes, either in a personal way or at in schools and clubs. Depending on the type of student it is addressed ot, there are different levels of training:

National Instructor

This certification accredits the person to teach the younger tennis players of between 4 and 8 years, the basic rules of this sport via Minitenis and the game. This title also allows you to work as a School Aide, so long as the technician works supervised by another of greater rank (monitor, coach or teacher) who can direct his/her functions.

To achieve this qualification it is necessary to take a course consisting of two classroom days plus eight practice sessions (15 hours in total) organized by the RFET, with a total of 30 hours of theory and practice.

There are several requirements:

  • Have 16 years of age
  • Possess a valid license from the federation (RFET)

National Monitor

This title, also known as Level 1 Certification, trains the person to teach and train tennis players of basic levels, organize competitions and develop basic activities as an assistant coach.

To achieve this qualification is necessary to take a course of about 250 hours of which 150 are of practices at a sports center.

In this case the requirements are a lot more that those for being an instructor:

  • Have 16 years of age
  • Have obtained the ESO (secondary education) degree or its equivalent, or pass a test of maturity if you have reached the age of 18
  • Pass a training test attesting to a sufficient game level.
  • Have a valid Federative License from the RFET

National Coach

National Coach, or Certified to Level 2, can prepare to players of much more advanced levels and perform collaborations as practice tutor of students who are obtaining the Level 1 certification. This course lasts at least 465 hours, of which 200 are of practices at a sports center.

To gain access to this title it is only needed:

  • To possess the Level 1 Certification
  • To have a valid Federative License

National Teacher

The Level 3 Certification or National Teacher enables those who obtain it to do the direction and coordination of clubs and tennis schools, in addition to the training of players of high competition.

In this case, the requirements are:

  • Have obtained the National Coach certification (Level 2)
  • Have a secondary school diploma or equivalent
  • Have a valid Federative License

The price of these courses range from 200 euros for the Minitennis Instructor course, up to more than the 1,500 the National Teacher one would cost, although these prices are always indicative. The Federative License usually costs around €60 per year and the Training Test has a cost of 15 €.

And, what does the Level or training test consist of?

This test assesses the level of skill as a tennis player of the person and requires some minimum knowledge. During the test, the player must perform a series of specific strokes that need to be sent to different parts of the tennis court. The person will need to execute serves, forehand and backhand shots, forehand and backhand volleys, and smashes, that will have to be parallel, crossed, short or long as indicated by the evaluator. With each shot made the player receives a series of points, which in total must add 120 points or more to pass the training test.

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